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Greek RtsEMS 2nd Sem

Greek Rts EMS 2nd Semester 1-40

am, amor (ex: amorous, enamored) love, liking
anni, annu, enni (ex: anniversary, annually) year
anthrop (ex: anthropology) man
arch (ex: architect, monarchy) chief, first, rule
cause, cuse, cus (ex: because, excuse) cause, motive
ced, ceed, cede (ex: proceed, recede) move, yield, go
centri (ex: concentric, eccentric) center
chrom (ex: chromosome) color
doc (ex: documentation, doctrine) teach
domin (ex: domain, dominate) master
don (ex: donate, condone) give
dorm (ex: dormant, dormitory) sleep
fin (ex: final, finish) end, ended, finished
fix (ex: fixation, fixture, prefix) attach
flex, flect (ex: flexible, reflect, flex) bend
flu, fluc, fluv (ex: fluid, flush, fluently) flowing
germ (ex: germination, germ) vital, part
gest (ex: suggestion, congest) carry, bear
gloss, glot (ex: epiglottis, glossary) tongue
glu,glo (ex: glue, conglomerate) lump, bond, glue
hetero (ex: heterogeneous) different
homo (ex: homogeneous, homonym) same
hum, human (ex: humility, humane) earth, ground, man
hydr, hydro, hydra (ex: dehydrate, hydrant) water
hypn (ex: hypnosis, hypnotherapy) sleep
liver,liber (ex: liberal, liberty) free
loc,loco (ex: locomothion, locality) place
log, logo, ology (ex: zoology, psychology) word, study, speech
loqu, locut (ex: eloquent, circumlocution) talk, speak
mar, mari, mer (ex: mermaid, marine, marsh) sea, pool
matri, mater (ex: matrimony, maternal) mother
medi (ex: mediate, medieval) half, middle, between
mega (ex: megaphone, megalopolis) great
mem (ex: memorable, memento) remember
nounce, nunci (ex: announcer, pronounce) warn, declare
nov (ex: novel, novice, nova) new
nox, noc (ex: nocturnal, noctilucent) night
numer (ex: numeral, numeration) number
ped, pod (ex: pedal, pedestrian) foot
pedo (ex: orthopedic, pediatrics) child
Created by: kabellr