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Managing your a/c

Online Banking 24/7

Balance In banking, this means the amount of money in your bank account
Transfers In banking, this is a way to send money from one account to another electronically
Standing orders When money moves from your own bank account to another account. This might be to an organisation or an individual, or perhaps from your current account to your savings account.
Cheque book It contains a number of blank cheques printed with your name and account details
Foreign currency Any money that is not Euro
Telephone banking Round-the-clock access to their bank account. Most everyday transactions can be carried out over the phone, for example, paying bills, asking for a balance, transferring money between accounts
Online banking Where eligible customers can access their bank account through their computer at any time. Customers can check their balance and carry out many everyday transactions
PIN Personal Identification Number. This is the four-digit number that you enter into an ATM when you want to take out cash, and that you use when you pay with your chip and PIN card. Never give this number to anyone, or write it down
Phishing A criminal activity in which people try to gather your personal details (such as your PINs, passwords and credit card details) by contacting you by email pretending to be from a trustworthy source, such as a bank
Credit card A plastic card which allows you to buy goods immediately and pay for them later
Trustworthy Someone who will honor a financial agreement
Secure site This means that the website offers a safe way to communicate sensitive information (such as bank details).
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