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MDA Ch. 9

Modern Dental Assisting, Bird, 10th Edition

Alveolar process Portion of the maxillary bones that form the support for teeth of the maxillary arch.
Articular (ahr-TIY-yoo-luer) disc Cushion of dense, specialized connective tissue that divides the articular space into upper and lower compartments; also known as the meniscus.
Articular eminence Raised portion of the temporal bone just anterior to the glenoid fossa.
Articular space Space between the capsular ligament and between the surfaces of the glenoid fossa and the condyle.
Buccal (BUK-ul) Region of the head that refers to structures closest to the inner cheek.
Circumvallate lingual papillae (sir-kum-VAL-ayt LING-gwul puh-PIL-ee) Large tissue projections on the tongue.
Condyloid process The posterior process of each ramus; articulates with a fossa in the temporal bones to form the temporomandibular joint; also known as the mandibular condyle.
Coronal suture Line of articulation between the frontal bone and parietal bones.
Cranium (KRAY-nee-um) Eight bones that cover and protect the brain.
External auditory meatus Bony passage of the outer ear.
Foramen A small round opening in a bone through which blood vessels, nerves, and ligaments pass; plural, foramina.
Foramen magnum Large opening in the occipital bone that connects the vertical canal and the cranial cavity.
Fossa (FOS-ah, FAW-suh) Wide, shallow depression on the lingual surfaces of anterior teeth.
Frontal Region of the head pertaining to the forehead.
Frontal process Process of the zygomatic bone that extends toward to articulate with the frontal bone at the outer edge of the orbit.
Glenoid fossa Area of the temporal bone where condyles of the mandible articulate with the skull.
Greater plaltine (PA-luh-tien) nerve Nerve that serves the posterior hard palate and the posterior lingual gingiva.
Hamulus A hook-shaped process.
Infraorbital (in-fruh-OR-bi-tul) Region of the head below the orbital region.
Lacrimal (LAK-ri-mul) bones Paired facial bones that help form the medial wall of the orbit.
Lambdoid suture Line of junction between the occipial and parietal bones.
Lateral pterygoid plate Point of origin for internal and external pterygoid muscles.
Lymphadenopathy (lim-fad-uh-NOP-uh-thee) Disease or swelling of the lymph nodes.
Masseter (muh-SEE-tur) The strongest and most obvious muscle of mastication.
Mastoid process Projection on the temporal bone located behind the ear.
Maxillary tuberosity Large, rounded area on the outer surface of the maxillary bones in the area of the posterior teeth.
Meatus The external opening of a canal.
Medial pterygoid plate Plate that ends in the hook-shaped hamulus.
Mental Region of the head pertaining to or located near the chin.
Mental protuberance Part of the mandible that forms the chin.
Nasal Region of the head that pertains to or is located near the nose.
Nasal conchae Projecting structures found in each lateral wall of the nasal cavity and extending inward from the maxilla; singular, concha.
Occipital (ok-SIP-i-tul) Region of the head overlying the occipital bone and covered by the scalp.
Oral Region of the head pertaining to or located near the mouth.
Orbital Region of the head pertaining to or located around the eye.
Ossicles The bones of the middle ear.
Parietal (puh-RYE-e-tul) Pertaining to the walls of a body cavity.
Parotid (puh-ROT-id) duct Duct associated with the parotid salivary gland, which opens into oral cavity at the parotid papilla.
Process A prominence or projection on a bone.
Pterygoid process Process of the sphenoid bone, consisting of two plates.
Sagittal suture Suture that is located at the midline of the skull, where the two parietal bones are joined.
Sphenoid sinuses Sinuses that are located in the sphenoid bone.
Sternocleidomastoid (stur-noe-klye-doe-MAS-toid) Major cervical muscle.
Styloid process Process that extends from the undersurface of the temporal bone.
Symphysis menti (SIM-fi-sis-MEN-tee) The separation of the mandible at the chin that occurs at birth.
Temporal Region of the head superior to the zygomatic arch.
Temporal process Process that articulates with the zygomatic process of the temporal bone to form the zygomatic arch, which creates the prominence of the cheek.
Temproromandibular (tem-puh-roe-man-DIB-yoo-lur) joint (TMJ) Joint on each side of head that allows movement of the mandible.
Trapezius (truh-PEE-zee-us) Major cervical muscle.
Trigeminal nerve The nerve that is the primary source of innervation for the oral cavity.
Zygomatic Region of the head pertaining to or located near the zygomatic bone (cheekbone)
Zygomatic arch The arch formed when the temporal process of the zygomatic bone articulates with the zygomatic process of the temporal bone.
Zygomatic process The process of the maxillary bones that extends upward to articulate with the zygomatic bone.
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