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Brawley Word Roots

Word Roots 1 - 21 (BMS)

epi- on, outside
syn- with, together
derm/at skin
hypo- under, below
hyper- over, above
gen birth, produce, race
heli sun
cardi heart
peri- around
-ic like, related to
-al like, related to
-oid resembling
-ium chemical element
hydro water
meso middle
miso to hate
-y state, quality, act
-ion state, condition, action
opt/o/ps eye, vision
scop/e look, view
chron time
chrom color
ant- against, opposite
-ant one who, that which
-er one who, that which
-ist one who
de- away, down, not
gyn woman, female
andr/o man, male
anthrop/o mankind, man
ne/o new, recent
-ology study of, science
-ics science related to
mono one
poly many
onym name, word
crac government, rule
log word, reason
nom law, order
phil/e love
phob/e fear
peri- around
meter measure
graph write, written
gram write, written
cent(e)r center
mania intense craving, loss of reason
eu good, well
macro large, great
-ous having the quality of
biblio book
klept/o to steal
-osis condition
-itis inflammation
somat body
-al like, related to
bi- two
tri- three
astro star, heaven
cosm universe, harmony
naut sailor, ship
the/o god
gam united, join
geo earth, ground
psych/o mind, spirit
pod/o foot
a- not, without
an- not, without
ana- back, against
auto self
bio life
-ism act, state, condition
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