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ST210 FInal Rev 2

Liz ST210 FInal Review 2

2. Which of the following might be used for irrigation if the surgeon suspects cancer Sterile water
3. The dosage of a drug depends on Age, Wt, Overall Medical Condition, Delivery Route
4. How many times should a drug be identified before administered to the Pt 3x
5. ___ is primarily responsible for excretion Kidney
6. ___ used for irrigating the eye and keeping the cornea moist BSS (Basic Salt Solution)
8. Another name for the Kraske position Jacknife
9. What particles are found in the nucleus of an atom Protons and Neutrons
10. When receiving drugs from the circulator, the scrub should Read aloud the Name, Strength, and Exp date
11. A topical antibiotic that is typically used in ointment form Neosporin
12. What drug may be used to treat an allergy Antihistamine
16. This medication container is a glass container that requires the top to be broken off to access the contents Ampule
19. The route of administration which produces the most immediate action is IV
20. A drug with a high potential for addiction and abuse Controlled substance
22. Infancy is 0-12 mo
23. The term that describes the concept that each surgical team member is accountable for his own actions and does not hesitate in admitting a break in aseptic technique Surgical conscience
24. The doctrine of Respondeat Superior refers to Employer responsibility (liability) for an employees negligent conduct
25. A Pt signs a permission form for surgery, but bc of a language barrier he does not fully understand what he has signed. This could constitute a liability case for Assault and Battery
26. Should a cardiac arrest occur in the OR, the role of the scrub would be to Maintain the sterile field (and whatever the surgeon needs)
27. An emergency drug used in ventricular fibrillation or tachycardia Inderal
28. Under what circumstance can the Pt's hospital identification bracelet be removed Never
29. Pt safety in the OR is the responsibility of Everyone
30. Being impartial and accepting of a Pt's culture, religion, beliefs, and decisions is an affective behavior Nonjudgemental
31. A general consent form is A form authorizing all treatments or procedures
32. The surgical consent form can be witnessed by each of the following EXCEPT The spouse
34. The number of persons required to position a Pt in stirrups is 2
35. Permission for turning the anesthetized Pt from a dorsal recumbent to a prone position must be obtained from the Anesthesia Provider
36. Lasers, Power drills, and electrosurgical units can produce a ___ vaporized tissue Plume
37. Reverse trendelenburg position requires the added table attachment of a Footboard
38. Which of the following is NOT a conductor of electrical energy Rubber
39. Chest rolls (bolsters) When in prone, go under the chest to facilitate respiration
40. Which item is AKA an "airplane support" Double arm boards
41. The desirable position for better visualization in the lower abdomen or pelvis Trendelenburg
42. Monitoring a Pt's vital sign AP
43. JCAHO Joint Commission Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations
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