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Frogs/ Amphibians

Bio B

Hybernation When animals become inactive during the winter time
Estivation When animals become inactive during the summer time
Skin A respiratory organ for the frog that is not the lungs
Vomerine Two teeth in the roof of the frog's mouth
Nictitating Membrane A transparent eyelid that protects the frogs eye
Kidney Organ that removes wastes from the blood
Ailamentary Canal Another name for the frog's digestive tract
Tympanic A membrane that the frog uses for hearing
Eustacian Tube Frog's eartube
Mesentery membrane that holds organs in place
Gallbladder Stores bile
Colon Another name for the frog's large intestine
Pyloric Sphinctor Valve at the bottom end of the stomach
Maxillary Small teeth all around the frog's upper part of the mouth
Gullet Opening to the esophagus
Glottis Opening that lets air in
Vocal Sac Openings Allows male frogs to call the females during mating season
Anura Amphibian group without tails that can jump; frogs
Urodella Tailed Amphibians that can't jump; salamanders
Apoda legless Amphibians; caecillians
Created by: Ensmingern