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3.03Personal Finance

Job Search

Classifieds A section of a newspaper in which job want ads are found
Employment Agency An work group whose purpose is to assist individuals in finding employment
Networking Using contacts with friends and family members as a mean of finding job leads
Resume A personal summary of accomplishments, education and work experience
Heading An individual's name, address, phone number, and e-mail address ;required on all resumes; if applicable, include both a current and permanent address
Objective Clearly describes the work goal or position one would like to attain
Educational background Most recent educational experiences listed first; include degrees received or sought; list dates, majors, minors, and GPA if its over 3.0
Work experience Most applicable work experiences listed in reverse chronological order, and description of work responsibilities at each job; include position held , name and location of the organization, and the month and year of employment
Honors/awards/volunteer experience Experiences that relate to the job, including leadership opportunities; optional on resumes
Special skill An ability, such as world languages, software, leadership, and teamwork, and a one line statement for each clearly describing how the ability has been used
References People who can affirm that an applicant is worthy of hiring "References Furnished upon Request" should be included in all resumes; actual references should be on a separate piece of paper.
Action words Words in a resumes that bring experiences to life and make clear what was learned
Application A form an individual fills out to let it be known that he/she wishes to work in a particular place of employment
Cover letter A letter used to get an interview; also called letter of inquiry or letter of application A cover letter accompanies a resume
Interview An opportunity for an applicant to "sell" himself or herself to the employer as the most qualified person for a position
Etiquette Appropriate behavior and dress during a job interview
Thank you note A brief note of appreciation the a job seeker should send to an interviewer within one day after being interviewed
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