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Unit 4

probability review

Sweating, which helps cool the body by evaporating, or goose bumps and shivering when you are cold are examples of maintaining _______________ in the body. homeostasis
An animal’s ____________, such as a wood pecker’s long beak, are changes to the structure or behavior that allow them to survive in their environments. adaptations
What type of adaptions do desert animals have to survive? A. Long appendages (legs, ears, etc.), or small "bodies" to aid in cooling B. They are active at night. C. Pale colors to take in less heat and blend in.
How does fever help the body fight infection? Fever is a response to help fight the infection by slowing the growth of bacteria.
What does a sneeze do to help the body fight infection? It is a barrier defense that forces the foreign material (like pollen or dust) out of the body to avoid illness.
When we run or exercise, how does our body respond? Our body’s heart and breathing rates increase to deliver more oxygen to the body.
More people have free ear lobes than attached ear lobes. Based on what you know about genetics, what could explain this? The trait to have free ear lobes is a dominant trait.
How many alleles (genes) does a parent contribute for a trait? One from each parent for a total of 2.
What is the Law of Dominance by Gregor Mendel? Traits exist in two forms and the dominant trait will mask the expression of the recessive trait.
List examples of hereditary traits that can be genetically passed on from one generation to the next. Hair type, hair color, dimples, eye color, shape of face, right handedness, left handedness, skin color
Work the Punnett square below. If a heterozygous black rabbit (Bb) is crossed with a homozygous white rabbit (bb), what is the probability that an offspring will have black fur? 50% Bb, bb, Bb, bb
The parent genotypes for hair color for two labs are: Father cc Mother CC Work the Punnett square and then complete the possible genotypes and hair color of the offspring. Homozygous recessive: _% Homozygous dominate: __% Heterozygous: Cc Cc Cc Cc Homozygous recessive: _0_% Homozygous dominant: __0__% Heterozygous: _100_%
List different types of asexual reproduction and give examples. a.Fission-bacteria b.Cuttings-ivy plant c.Budding- potatoes, sponges
__________ reproduction gives a greater variety of traits because there is more diversity from two parents Sexual
What does the use of the following letter codes for genotypes tell a geneticist? a.BB- b.bb c.Bb- a.BB-2 dominant alleles/ homozygous dominant b.bb-2 recessive alleles/ homozygous recessive c.Bb-1 dominant and 1 recessive alleles/ heterozygous
What an organism physically looks like (tall, short) is an organism’s ____________ phenotype
A _________ is when genetic information does not copy correctly. mutation
Hair color, eye color, rolling your tongue, and dimples are all _______ passed from one generation to the next. traits
Traits for specific characteristics are carried on alleles located on genes on ____________. chromosomes
The ____1____ of the cell holds the ___2____, which is the genetic blueprint for the traits of an organism. 1. nucleus 2. DNA
When an animal has a ____1____ and recessive trait for black and white fur, the animal will show the dominant trait and have ___2___ fur. 1. dominate 2. black
The process by which organisms that are better adapted to their environment are more likely to survive and reproduce than organisms of the same species is known as _______ _________. natural selection
When race horses are bred for specific characteristics it is known as _______ ______. selective breeding
Plants have different signals for attracting pollinators. It is not uncommon for the same plant to have more than one signal. Name a few: smell, color, patterns, texture
Plants can be pollinated by _____, _________, and ______________. wind, animals, and self- pollinated.
One adaptation of the snowshoe hare is that it is ______ in the summer and _______ in the winter for camouflage. 1. brown 2. white
For question number 26, see target option C. Albizia julibrissin
For question number 27, see target option H. Pusa hispida
Created by: dkohring