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Fin 3322

Corporate Finance Ratio Analysis

Current ratio Liquidity ratio: (CA/CL)
Quick Ratio (acid test) Liquidity ratio: [(CA-Inventory)/CL]
Avg Collection period Asset MGMT: [A Rec/(Credit Sales/365)]
Inventory Turnover Asset MGMT: (Cost of Sales/ AVG Inventory)
Fixed-Asset Turnover Asset MGMT: ( Sales/ Fixed Assets)
Total Asset Turnover Asset MGMT: (Sales/Total Assets)
Debt Ratio Financial Leverage MGMT: (Total Debt/Total Assets)
Debt-to-Equity Financial Leverage MGMT: (Total Debt/Total Equity)
Times Interest Earned Financial Leverage MGMT: (EBIT/ Interest Charges
Times Fixed Charges Earned Financial Leverage MGMT: [(EBIT+Lease Pymts)/(Interest+lease pymts+beforetax sinkingfund+pref stock dividend before tax)]
Gross Profit Margin Profitability: [(Sales-Cost of Sales)/ Sales]
Net Profit Margin Profitability: (EAT/Sales)
Return on Investment Profitability: (EAT/ Total Assets)
Return on Stockholders Equity Profitability: (EAT/ Stockholders Equity)
Price-to-Earnings Ratio Market Based: (Mkt Price per share/current earning per share)
Market-to-Book Market Based: (Mkt Price per share/ Book Value per share)
Payout Ratio Dividend Policy: (Dividends per share/ Earnings per share)
Dividend Yield Dividend Policy: (Expected dividend per share/ Stock Price)
Fisher Equation Est the relationship between nominal and real interest rates under inflation. I=R+Inflation
EAR- Effective Annual rate if you took $1 and put in the bank and 1 year later you have $1.10. i= annual nominal rate/(time pd). one year holding pd return= (ending value-beg value)/ Begining Value)
rule of 72 i=72/# yrs to double...... # yrs to double=72/i
Holding period returns return of 1 year= [(end amt-beg amt)+div)/beg amt]
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