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ideshtranskribtsie un iberzetsung
א ביסל / א ביסעלע [a bisl / a bisele] (adv) a little / a little bit
א כל [a klal] (adv) in short, in sum
א מאל [a mul] (adv) sometimes; ago
א סך [a sakh] (adv) many, much, a lot
א סך מאל [a sakh mul] (adv) many times
א פאר [a pur] (adv) a couple of
א פנים [a punem] (adv) apparently, seemingly
א קיצור [a kitser] (adv) in short, in a word
אגב [agev] (adv) incidentally, by the way
אדרבא [aderabe] (adv) on the contrary
אהיים [ahheym] (adv) homeward, (to) home
אהין [ahin] (adv) there, thither
אהער [aher] (adv) here, hither
אוודאי [avade] (adv) of course, certainly
אוועק [avek] (adv) away
אויבן [oybn] (adv) upstairs
אויך / אויכעט [oikh / oykhet] (adv) also
אויף אייביק [oyf eybik] (adv) forever
אויף לינקס [oyf links] (adv) on the left
אויף רעכץ [oyf rekhts] (adv) on the right
אויף שטענדיק [oyf shtendik] (adv) forever
אזוי [azoy] (adv) <asoj>
אזנישט / אנישט / אניט [aznisht / anisht / ani] (adv) if not, otherwise
איבערמארגן [ibermorgn] (adv) day after tomorrow
איידער [eyder] (adv) before than; more than
איין מאל [eyn mul] (adv) once
אייערנעכטן [eyernekhtn] (adv) day before yesterday
אין איינעם [in eynem] (adv) together
אין גיכן [in gikhn] (adv) soon, quickly
אין דער אמתן [in der emesn] (adv) in truth; actually
אין דער מיט [in der mit] (adv) in the middle
אין דער פרי [in der fri] (adv) in the morning
אין שטוב [in shtib] (adv) at home, indoors
אינגאנצן [ingantsn] (adv) totally, altogether
איצטער / איצט [itster / its] (adv) now
אליין [aleyn] (a/adv) alone / self
אלעמאל [olemul] (adv) all the time
אנדערש [andersh] (adv) differently; otherwise
אנטקעגן [antkegn] (adv) opposite, vis-a-vis
אנידער [anider] (adv) down
אפטמאל [oftmul] (adv) often, many times
אצינד / אצינדערט [atsind / atsindert] (adv) now, at present
אקערשט [okersht] (adv) a moment ago
אראפ [arop] (adv) down; off
ארויס [aroys] (adv) out
ארויף [aroyf] (adv) up, upward, upwards
ארום [arum] (adv) around
אריבער [ariber] (adv) above, over
אריין [araan] (adv) in
אריינגענומען [araangenumen] (adv) included
באזונדערש [bazundersh] (adv) unusually, especially
באלד [bald] (adv) soon
באמת [be'emes] (adv) really; sincerely
ביזאהער [biz aher] (adv) until now
בייטאג [baytug] (adv) by day
ביינאכט [baynakht] (adv) at night, by night
בכבוד [b'koved] (adv) honorably
בכלל [b'khlal] (adv) in general, generally
בכתוו / בכתב [b'ksav] (adv) written, in writing
בלי־ספק [bli-sofek] (adv) no doubt, undoubtedly
בעל־פה [bal-pe] (adv) orally, verbally
בפירוש [befeyresh] (adv) explicitly
בקיצור [bekitser] (adv) briefly, in short
גענוי [genoy] (a/adv) exact / exactly
דא [du] (adv) here
דאנערשטיק [donershtik] (adv/name) on thursday / thursday
דארט / דארטן [dortn] (adv) there
דהינו [d'hayne] (adv) namely
דווקא [dafke] (adv) precisely
דעמאלט [demolt] (adv) then, at that time
דרויסן [drosn] (adv) outside, outdoors
היינט [haant] (adv) today
היינט ביי נאכט [haant ba nakht] (adv) tonight
הינטן [hintn] (adv) behind, in back
וואו נאר [vu nur] (adv) wherever
וואס א מאל [vus a mul] (adv) every time
וואס נאר [vus nur] (adv) whatever, anyway
ווי א מאל [vi a mul] (adv) <vi a mul>
ווי באלד [vi bald] (adv) as, since
ווי נאר [vi nur] (adv) however
ווידער [vider] (adv) again
ווייניקסטנס [veynikstns] (adv) at least
ווען [ven] (adv/q) when, whenever
זיכער [zikher] (a/adv) safe / of course
כמעט [k'mat] (adv) almost
לאנג צוריק [lang tsurik] (adv) long ago
למשל [l'moshl] (adv) for example
מארגן [morgn] (adv/m) morning / tomorrow
מזומן [mezumen] (adv) in cash
מיט א מאל [mit a mul] (adv) suddenly
מילא [meyle] (adv) let it be so, anyhow
ממילא [mimeyle] (adv) <mimeyle>
ממש [mamesh] (adv) literally
מסתמא [mistume] (adv) probably, likely
מערסטנס [merstns] (adv) mostly
נאך [nokh] (adv/prep) still; else; another / after
נאך דעם [nokh dem] (adv) after that / this
נאכאמאל [nokhamul] (adv) again
נישקשה [nishkushe] (adv) tolerable, so-so
נעכטן [nekhtn] (adv) yesterday
נעמלעך [nemlekh] (adv) <nemlekh>
סוף־כל־סוף [sof-kol-sof] (adv) at last
עד־היום [ad-ayem] (adv) until today, until now
על־פי רוב [al-pi rov] (adv) mostly, for the most part
על־קל־פנים [al-kol-punim] (adv) in all events
ערגעץ [ergets] (adv) somewhere, anywhere
ערך [erekh] (adv) approximately, about
פאמעלעך [pamelekh] (adv) slowly
פאר צייטן [far tsaytn] (adv) <far tsaytn>
פאראכטאגן [farakhttugn] (adv) a week ago
פארשטייט זיך [farshteyt zikh] (adv) of course, sure
פונדעסטוועגן [fundestvegn] (adv) however, nevertheless
פרי [fri] (adv) early
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