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Themes in Literature

Unit 9-1

A Days Wait Ernest Hemington
The Valley of the Shadow Louis May Alcott
The Last Leaf O. Henry
The Interlopers Saki
If I Live till Sundown Henry Woodfin Grady
Even Such Is Time Sir Walter Releigh
We Are Seven William Wordsworth
Nothing Gold Can Stay Robert Frost
One the Vanity of Earthly Greatness Arthur Guiterman
The Last Leaf Oliver Wendall Holmes
God Sees Truth but Waits Leo Tolstoy
Explorer of The Stars Helen Wilde
The Finger of God Percival Wilde
The Rat Trap Selma Lagerlof
A Harder Task Than Making Bricks without Straw Booker T. Washington
Every Dog Should Own A Man Corey Ford
You've Got to Learn Robert Murphy
The I Heard Our Mothers Read John Greenleaf Whittier
When I Heard the Learn'd Astronomer Walt Whitman
Success James Russell Lowell
A Good name William Shakespeare
The Difference between Knowledge and Wisdom William Cowper
Truth William Cullen Bryant
God Be in My Hede Surem Primer
The Knights Of the Silver Shield Raymond Macdonald Alden
The Fight with The Wind Mills Miguel De Cervantes
The Quest for Courage Armstrong Sperry
Beneath The Saddle Russell Gordon Carter
The Wind Is Free Jan Masaryk
Letter From A Soldier Sullivan Ballou
Legend of Kate Shelley Freeman H. Hubbard
The Dinner Party Mona Garder
Courage Has a Crimson Coat Nancy Byrd Turner
Trust in God and Do The Right Norman Macleod
Stanzes on Freedom James Russell Lowell
The Patriots Pass-Word James Montgomery
The Charge of The Light Bragade Alfred,Lord Tennyson
The Dual Emily Dickinson
Oliver Cromwell Nathaniel Hawthorne
The Necklace Guy de Maupassant
Lost on The Dress Parade O.Henry
The Gift and The Giver Russell G. Davis,Brent K. Ashabranner
Primer Lesson Carl Sandburg
Pronouns Karle Wilson Baker
Pip Visits Miss Havisham Adele Thane
I'm Nobody,Who Are You Emily Dickenson
As Ye Sow So Shall Ye Reap Jesse Stuart
Who Stole The Tarts Lewis Carroll
A Just Judge Leo Tolstoy
The Man Without A Country Edward Everett Hale
The Stub-Book Pedro Alarcon
The Death Disk Mark Twain
My Advocate Martha Snell Nicholson
The Present Crisis James Russell Lowell
Retribution Friedrich von Logua
The Gift of The Magi O.Henry
Christmas Time on the Frontier Floyd Dell
From Mother....With Love Zoa Sherburne
O Little Town of Bethelham Philip Brooks
The Snow-Storm Ralph Waldo Emerson
Dust of Snow Robert Frost
The Oxen Thomas Hardy
The Coin Sara Teasdale
Night Sara Teasdale
Barter Sara Teasdale
Blind but Happy Fanny Crosby
Of The Joy of A Good Conscience Thomas a Kempis
Great Art Thou,O Lord St. Augustine
A Spark Neglected Burns the House Leo Tolstoy
The Latchstring Mural Berthalee Broyles
The Night the Bell Fell James Thunder
How Can I Keep from Singing Robert Lowry
A Prisoner's Song Madame Guyon
Blind but Happy Fanny Crosby
A Good Night Francis Quarles
The Quarrel Eleanor Farjean
The Place of Peace Edwin Markham
Overheard in an Orchard Elizabeth Cheney
Be Not Afraid Because the Sun Goes Down Robert Nathan
Up-Hill Christina Rossetti
Peace Henry Vaughan
Three Days to See Helen Keller
The Open Sky John Ruskin
Iowa Artist Charlie May Simon
Beethovens"Moonlight Sonata" Author Unknown
The Noblest instrument Clarence Day
The Ugly Duckling A.A.Milne
A Thing of Beauty John Keats
In The Garden of the Lord Helen Keller
Gods World Edna St. Vincent Millay
The One-Thousandth Psalm Edward Everett Hale
Loveliest of Trees A.E.Housman
Composed on a Westminster Bridge William Wordsworth
Faith John Greenleaf Whittier
Doubting Castle John Bunyan
Beloved Friend of Little Waifs Anna Talbot
Joy of Harvest Mr. and Mrs. Howard Taylor
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