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L.A. For The Vocab

To study vocab words

Flashback A sudden moment where you remember something that happened earlier.
Flashback Noah remembers how he knew what calligraphy was.
Allusion Casually reference something that's famous.
Allusion Rafael's cherubs T.S. is Tillie's cat and is compared to T.S. Elliot Alice in Wonderland~ Cheshire cat
Simile Using like or as to compare two things
Simile Century Village is like a theme park for old people.
Point of view
Point of view The prospective of which the story is told.
Point of view Ms. Olinski~ Third person narrative Noah~ First person view
Foreshadowing Your hinting what will come to pass.
Foreshadowing Mrs. Olinski didn't know why she chose the four she did, but she will find out.
Pun Two words that sound alike, or are the same with different meanings that are being used humorously.
Pun I would be living in the state of divorce in New York. Ginger is a genius of her genus.
Idioms An expression beyond it's literal meaning.
Idioms It's raining cats and dogs Your driving me up the wall Hit the road Break a leg
Personification When you give something nonhuman a human trait.
Personification The windshield wipers danced back and forth. The rain battered at the ground.
Decorum Good taste; Polite behavior
Decorum We all behaved with decorum when the Mayor visited our school
Domicile Legal residence; home
Domicile I had to list the address of my permanent domicile on my passport application.
Bickering Squabbling
Bickering The children's constant bickering made the babysitter decide to find another job.
Hovered Lingered
Hovered Our dog hovered protectively over her new litter of puppies.
Podium lectern
Podium The speaker was embarrassed when she tripped walking up to the podium.
Incandescently Radiantly
Incandescently When the actor saw his admiring fans, he smiled incandescently in their direction.
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