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Anatomy and Physiology 2 Comprehensive Final Exam

Jaundice can be the result of _____, and causes _____. Blocked bile duct, biliruben
Erythropoiesis increases when blood 02 levels drop
A hematocrit provides information on % of formed elements in whole blood
The heme group in hemoglobin contains an atom of _____ where oxygen binds. iron
Damage to what organ would cause the blood level of bilirubin to rise above normal? liver
How would a patient diagnosed with leukemia blood work present? Leukoytosis
Cardiac muscle is known as the Myocardium
Which heart cavities has the thickest walls? left ventricle
Platelets are described as cell fragments assisting in clotting process
Erythrocytes are produced in red bone marrow
An inability of body cells to receive adequate amounts of oxygen may indicate a malfunction of heart/lungs
_____ is the Plasma protein that i sprimarily responsible for maintaing blood osmotic pressure Albumin
Plasma proteins that necessary for blood clotting are the fibrogen
Red blood cell production is regulated by the hormone erythropoiten
The function of hemoglobin is to transport 02 and C02
AQRS complex on an ECG represents depolarization of ventricles
What occurs during the Atrial Systole phase of the cardiac cycle? Rising pressure in the ventricles causes AV valves to close
Systole mean contract
When the pressure is high enough in the ventricles to overcome the arterial pressure of the arteries, which waves open? Semi-lunar
List the correct sequence of parts through which blood moves in passing from the vena cava to the lungs Vena Cava, right atrium, tricuspid, right ventricle, pulmonary semi lunar valve, pulmonary trunk right and left arteries, lungs
What is occurring in the heart that an ECG is often considered to be the best diagnostic tool Arrythimia
When is there a delay in the impulse conduction of the heart? When impulse reaches AV node
What is the primary function of the Pulmonary Circuit? Transfer blood to and from lungs
Type O blood contains what type of antigens none
An ECG is a record of electrical impulse of heart beat
The peacemaker cells of the heart are located in the SA node
Depolarization of the atria is represented on an electrocardiogram by the P wave
The volume of blood ejected from each ventricle during a contraction is called the Stroke Volume
Which of the following terms describes a fast heart rate? tachycardia
The T wave of an ECG is caused by repolarization of ventricles
What WBC's is BEST at fighting bacterial infections? Neutrophils
Blood returning to the heart from the systemic circuit first enters the right atrium
Blood returning to the heart from the pulmonary circuit first enters the Left atrium
The cusps of atrioventricular valves are attached to papillary muscles by the cordae tendinee
The entrance to the ascending aorta is guarded by the _____ valve. aortic semi lunar
The left and right pulmonary arteries carry blood to the lungs
What would increase blood pressure the MOST? In regards to diameter or length of vessel, PNS, CO? Diameter has greatest effect
The only blood vessel whose walls permit exchange between the blood and the surrounding interstitial fluids are the capillaries
Venous valves are responsible for preventing backflow
Apositive net filtration rate/pressure in which the capillary hydrostatic pressure is higher than the blood colloid osmotic pressure forces water _____ a capillary. out of
A negative net filtration rate results in a greater blood colloid osmotic pressure than capillary hydrostatic pressure which _____ a capillary. forces H2 into
If the stimulus is high blood pressure, what would be the response of the autonomic Nervous system? Parasymathetic or Sympathetic? Sympathetic activity inhibited
A patient presents with low blood pressure and low blood volume. Which endocrine mechanisms would help increase blood volume and therefore increase blood pressure? Release of Angiotensin 2, EPO
What inhibits the release of aldosterone? Natriunetic peptides
Small organs associated with lymphatic vessels are termed lymph nodes
Where do large clusters lymph nodes occur? Armpits, Neck, Groin
Symptoms of lymph drainage blockage in a limb present as swelling in limb
What type vessel tends to be a secondary site for cancer induction? Lymph nodes
The blood vessel responsible for delivering nutrient rich blood from the degestive viscera into the liver for detoxification is Heptic Portal Vein
The blood pressure in the systemic arteries is greatest during Ventricle Systole 2nd phase
Pulmonary Arteries carry blood to the lungs
Pulmonary veins carry blood to the heart
Braces off the aortic arch include the brachiocephalic trunk, left common cortid, left subclavion
In the lower leg, the femoral artery becomes the _____ artery. Tibial
The vessel that receives blood from the head, neck, chest, shoulders, and arms is the Superior Vena Cava
The great saphenous vein joins _____ before becoming the external iliac vein? Femoral
Age related changes of the heart include C0 Changes in nodal and collecting ducts
The veins carring blood back to the heart from the tissues below the diaphragm converge into what blood vessel that delivers blood to the heart? Inferior Vena Cava
Which valve in the heart separates the right atrium and right ventricle Tricuspid
What occurs when the aortic baroreceptors detect high blood pressure cardio inhibitory centers stimulated cardio acceleratory centers inhibited vasomotor center inhibited
Antibiotics are used to treat bacterial infections
What is the "host cell" for the HIV test? Helper T
Vaccinations/Immunizations are designed to provide protection against which? Viruses
What does the trachea consts of Long tube of mucous membrane surrounded by C shaped cartilage
When the size of the thoracic cavity increases... what happens to the pressure and where does air move? Decreases. Air moves into the lungs
When the size of the thoracic cavity decreases... what happens to the pressure and where does air move? Pressure increases. Air moves out of lungs
How is most of the oxygen in the blood transported... bond to heme unit
How is most of the carbon dioxide in the blood transported... as carbonic acid
What conditions alter the shape of Hemeglobin, encouraging the "unloading"' of oxygen at the body tissues? Lower than normal PH
Oxygen moves from the alveoli to the capillaries because diffusion down concentration gradenct
Exhalation occurs when the relate to omuscles and chest cavity size/pressures muscle relax and chest cavity size decreases, increasing pressure higher than outside air
What term describes a collapsed lung atelectasis
What term describes an increase in C02 in arterial blood? hypercapnia
The function of surfactant is keep alveoli open by decreasing surface tension
What are the tiny finger like projections called that are located on the inner layer of the small intestine? Villi
The food bolus moves from the stomach to the small intestine by passing through which of the following sphincters? pyloric
What is primarily removed from the undigested food when it is in the large intestine? H20
Which region of the small intestine neutralizes stomach acids? duodenum
What term describes the transverse folds in the intestine and function to increase surface area for absorption? plica circulares
Bile is produced in the _____ and stored in the _____. Live, gall bladder
the MOST chemical digestion and nutrient absorption occur in which partof the digestive system small intestine
The muscular contractions that occur all along the digestive tract and which move food along are called: peristalsis
The emulsification of fats occurs as a result of: bile
Which emulsification of fats occurs as a result of: bile
Which hormone tagets the gall bladder causing it to contract and relase bile? Cholecystokinin
What are the functions of the liver? regulation of blood, removes waste, stores vitamins and minerals, assists in metabolism of lipids by producing bile
Which organ secretes bicarbonic ions? Pancreas
The prime fuction of alveoli is gas exchange
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