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civil war study

list as least three contributions made by women during the civil war a.women made the men uniforms b. women caared for the soliders medical need c. they became spies for their sides of the war
what was the emancipation proclamtion statement issued by lincoln stating all slaves in the confederate states still at war with the union were set free
how did blockading the city of vicksburg cause the confederate to surrender? con. city (civilians+soldiers) was compelty surrounded by union army. they couldnt get any suplies or leave. they were starving+ scared of being shot. after 48 days, they surreneded. the union took over the city
what was different about how the southerners and northerners lived? south depened on slaves to earn money, rural society never grew a change. north they worked and earned their own money (urban) society grew a change
most enslaved african americans lived in the____, while most African Americans lived in the _____ south north
list three ways the enslaved african americans resisted slavery broke tools they need to work with escape the underground railroad ack sick
list two challenges faced by free african americans in north and south they lived in fear neither had voting rights
what did the missiouri compromised decide kept the balance between free states. when a slave states was added and free state had to be added as well
the southern states that seceded formed their own government called the? confederate states of america
was elected president of the confederate states of america jefferson davis
the states the ramained loyal to the united states government were called? union or united states of america
list the five border states missouri delaware maryland west virgina kentucky
the american civil war was between what years? 1861-1865
in 1861, lincolns aim was to _____________________________ not to end slavery hold the united states together
what as one of the sounths reasons for fighting wanted to become one country agian
why was the battle of antietam declared undecided? both sides lost so many men, no one really won
what new technology did the virginia and montior have? submarines,ironclad,better riffles, hand grenades, covered in ironclad frist ships like a submarine on the ships they were able to fire riffles, new grenades, cannon
winfield scotts's anaconda plan had three parts fill in the black bloskade mississippieast and the west
the ________ stated that escaped slaves had to be returned to their owners, even if they had reached northern states where slavery wasnt allowed fugitive slave law
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