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Questions about "Broth and Agar Slant Culture"

The small amount if growth on the end of an inoculating loop is called an ________. inoculum
A flame-sterilized inoculating ________ is used to inoculate the medium. loop
Aseptic technique is important to prevent self-infection and ________ of the culture medium. contamination
In sterilizing your transfer loop, the ________ end must also be sterilized. lower
Setting the culture cap down on the bench is a violation of ________ ________. aseptic technique
When growth on or in a medium contains only a single species of microorganism, it is called a ________ ________. pure culture
A term often used to describe cloudiness in broth media is ________. turbidity
When a bacterial culture grows across the surface of a broth, the growth is referred to as a ________. pellicle
Cells that settle to the bottom of a broth tube are referred to as ________. sediment
Growth ocuring as clumps suspended in the broth is referred to as ________. floculent
Growth around the margin of the surface of a broth tube but not across it is referred to as a ________. ring
Name one of the ingredients in nutrient broth: tryptone, peptone, beef extract, yeast extract, sodium chloride, etc.
An isolated population of bacteria growing on a solid medium is called a ________. colony
A slant culture of an organism which is used to make other subcultures is called ________ culture. stock
List three factors that might influence cultural characteristics of an organism growing on an gar medium: surface moisture, motility of the cultured organism, amount of inoculum, nutrients available, temperature, oxygen
A word meaning "pigmentation" or "color" used to describe growth on an agar slant or colony is ________. chromogenesis
The term used when a culture is placed at a particular temperature for a period of time is ________. incubation
When an inoculated tube is compared to an uninoculated tube for signs of difference, the uninoculated tube serves as a ________. control
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