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19 Protists

Ch. 19 Protists Review

Animal like protists... Protozoans
Plant like protists... Algae
Fungus like protists, Slime molds or... Water molds
Fungus like protists, water molds or... Slime molds
Protozoans which move via cilia... Ciliates
Protozoans which move and envelop food using pseudopods... Sarcodines
Protozoans which move via flagella... Zooflagellates
Protozoans which reproduce using spores... Sporozoans
Protist that makes its own food through photosynthesis... Algae
Protists that east other unicellular organisms... Protozoans
Protist that absorbs its nutrients from dead organisms... Fungus-like protist
Digests wood for termites... Microsporidium
Protists are classified into three groups based on... Food source
The ___ of protists is not well known. Evolutionary history
The ___ is describes the most likely means by which Eukaryotic cells, the protists being the first, evolved... Endosymbiont theory
The ___ and zoomastigina (zooflagellates) cause diseases in humans... Apicomplexa (sporozoans)
Type of sleeping sickness, AKA chagas disease, caused by a zooflagellate... American Sleeping Sickness
African sleeping sickness is transmitted to humans via the... Tsetse fly
Algal blooms occur when ___ reproduce in great numbers due to plentiful food and favorable environmental conditions... Dinoflagellates
Algae that have characteristics of both plants and animals... Euglenoids
The life cycle of algae is similar to plants in that they practice... Alternation of generations
The cell walls of fungus like protists do not contain ___ like the cell walls of true fungi... Chitin
Slime molds form a ___ which is a moving mass of cytoplasm... Plasmodium
A chemical called ___ signals slime mold amoeboid cells to congregate and form a single sluglike colony... Acrasin
Acellular slime molds belong to the phylum... Myxomycota
Water molds and downy mildew in the phylum ___ are often found in water or other damp places... Oomycota
The downy mildew responsible for the Irish potato famine... Phytophthora infestans
Giant kelp is an example of... Algae
Some protists live in ___ conditions in which they depend on other organisms... Symbiotic
A paramecium is an example of... Ciliates
Structure in a paramecium which contains copies of the cell's genome for controlling everyday functions... Macroucleus
Amoebas use ___ for feeding and locomotion... Pseudopods
Euglenoids have a structure called a(n) ___ to detect light... Eyespot
What type of plant like protist produces much of the oxygen in the atmosphere? Phytoplankton
___ allow algae to absorb light in deep water... Secondary pigments
The cell-wall of a fungus like protist contains ___ instead of chitin... Cellulose
Feeding stage of a slime mold in which it is a mobile cytoplasmic mass... Plasmodium
What does a diatom use to store excess food? Oil
Which organism has silica walls? Diatom
A Paramecium's contractile vacuole helps to regulate the ___ inside the cell... Amount of water
Contain parasitic sporozoans... Apicomplexa
Used to thicken puddings, syrups and shampoos... Red algae
Includes all species of kelp... Brown algae
Includes the most common species of algae found in NA freshwater... Green algae
Most freshwater algae species are classified into phylum... Chlorophyta
Phylum phaeophyta classifies kelp and other protists called... Brown algae
Algae in phylum bacillariophyta that have two halves and display a wide variety of geometric shapes... Diatoms
Ciliates vary the composition of their DNA by using the process of ... Conjugation
Protists in phylum Rhodophyta that contain calcium carbonate and contribute to the formation of coral reefs are called... Red algae
Human disease caused by a sporozoan and transmitted by mosquitoes... Malaria
asexual reproduction in which there is an exchange of genetic information.... Conjugation
Studies organisms that usually are seen only with a microscope... Microbiologist
The concentration of dissolved substances is lower in the solution outside the cell than the concentration inside the cell... Hypotonic
The concentration of dissolved substances is the same in the solution as is inside the cell... Isotonic
Comes from the Greek word meaning 'the very first'... Protist
Chlorophyll containing organelles found in the cells of green plants and some protists that capture light energy and convert it to chemical energy... Chloroplast
A biologist who specializes in the study of algae... Algologist
Yellow-green and golden brown algae... Chrysophytes
Something that completes or makes an addition... Supplement
A glucose polymer that forms the cell walls of plants and some fungus like protists... Cellulose
A particular state in a regular cycle of changes... Phase
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