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USIDMS Sectional Anatomy

Which part of the spinal column makes up the posterior border of the abdominal cavity? lumbar spine
True or False. The atlas contains the dens that fits into the axis. false
What separates the nasopharynx from the oropharynx? soft palate and uvula
What structure is anterior to the laryngeal pharynx? larynx
Using directional terminology, the esophagus is ______ to the trachea. posterior
The external jugular vein drains what? superficial head and neck
The ______ ________ arteries feed the brain with blood. internal carotid
Using directional terminology, the thyroid is _____ to the thyroid cartilage. inferior
What muscle helps flex and rotate the head? sternocleidomastoid
What is the most superior portion of the sternum? manubrium
The surface of the lungs is covered by ______ _______. visceral pleura
True or False. The costophrenic sulcus is the medial angle. false
Is the right or left side of the heart closest to the anterior chest wall? right
The right ventricle pumps blood out to the _____. lungs
Blood goes through the ______ valve to enter the left ventricle. mitral
What part of the heart should have the thickest wall? left ventricle
What two arteries does the brachiocephalic artery divide into? right subclavian artery and right common carotid artery
The axillary vein drains blood from the arm into which vein? subclavian vein
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