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Sports Marketing- GV

Cumulative Final

The Miami Marlin's issue, a lack of foresight, a belief that winning resolves all sins, short-sighted focus Marketing Myopia
Core Benefits of Sports product Health, Entertainment, Sociability, Achievement
Whitecaps, High School, Little Leagues Local Focused
College Sports (GVSU) Regionally Focused
MLB Nationally Focused
NHL, NBA Internationally Focused
Olympics, World Cup Globally Focused
Core Vision and Ideology Step One of strategic steps
SWOT Analysis Step Two of strategic steps
Developing a Market Step Three of strategic steps
Integrating Market plan Step Four of strategic steps
Controlling and evaluating your business Step Five of strategic steps
Nonaware Nonconsumer, Misinformed Nonconsumer, Aware Nonconsumer, Media Consumer, Light User, Medium Users, Heavy Users The Escalator Concept
Audience, Time and Space, Nature of property (fit), pain resolution Sponsorship Analysis Criteria
Time of year/day/month, geographic location Time & Space
Whether or not a comsumer has the time or money to buy a service Volitional Control
Where a person lives, Income, Age, Family Status, Number of Children, Race, Sex State of Being
____% of Business comes from ____% of the customers 80 - 20
The process by which assimilate and develop the skills, knowledge, attitudes and other "equipment" necessary to perform various social roles Socialization
"Doing", Rooting, participating Behavioral Involvement
Gaining Knowledge --> Fantasy Sports Cognative Involvement
Emotional Involvement/ passion Affective Involvement
Comsumer is not separated from society and may be overwhelmed by environmental factors, which can trump individual factors Theory of Reasoned Action
perception = Consumer's reality
High Opportunity, High Involvement Country Club Set
Low Opportunity, High Involvement playground b-ball group
High Opportunity, Low Involvement Busy professionals (Time restraint)
Low Opportunity, Low Involvement Elderly, Sick
Game Form, players, equipment, venue Core Elements of Sports product.
Rules and Techniques Game Form
Makes "extratransactional" encounters with customers, beyond what they normally expect Disney Approach to customer service
2 types of stadium philosophies History and Nostalgia, New and Modern stadium and amenitites
Types of promotion: Advertising, personal selling, publicity, sales promotions
AIDA Increase Awareness, Attract Interest, Arouse Desire, Initiate Action
Inexpensive, Creative marketing Guerilla Marketing
Able to switch perspective "shards-o-glass freeze pops" Flexibility
Combing Divergent objects together - Breast cancer awareness in sports Synthesis
Extends away from norm Elaboration
Malice at the palace purposeful action with an intended consequence
plaxico burress --> bringing gun and shooting himself purposeful action with an unintended consequence
Alberto Contador blaming nutritionist Unguided action with unintended consequence
Ndamakung Suh car accident Accident
Actions to take when something happens Spin it, Deny, Stay Silent
Respond to Inquires Reactive Media Relationship
Initiative by Sports organization proactive media relationship
Give and Take Interactive media relationship
Doing charity work strictly to get Economic benefits Whitewashing
Break-Even Analysis Fixed Costs/ (price - Variable costs)
If Elasticity of Demand < 1 Inelastic
If Elasticity of Demand > 1 Elastic
Elasticity of Demand = % change in Quantity Demanded / % Change in price
offering a price per head, group discount Capitation pricing
New company, penetrate the market and getting a share of market - low prices penetration pricing
Start @ high price and slowly declines with time Skim pricing
Chare high prices during heavy demand (weekend games) and low prices for light demand Smoothing
Largely based on experience and comparisons, mistakes can prove costly, customer focused What the market will bear pricing
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