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USIDMS Sectional Anatomy

What two muscles combine to form the iliopsoas muscles? psoas and iliacus
Using directional terminology, relative to the iliopsoas muscles, the levator ani are? inferior and medial
What muscle is considered the pelvic diaphragm in the true pelvis? levator ani
What arteries are the major blood supply for the pelvis? internal iliac arteries
True or False. The bladder sits within the false pelvis when empty. false
What is the inner most layer of the uterus? endometrium
What is the most common space for fluid to gather in a supine female? rectouterine pouch (posterior cul de sac)
The left ovarian vein coming from the ovary drains where? left renal vein
What are the finger-like projections of the fallopian tubes called? fimbrae
Another name for the vesicouterine pouch is? anterior cul de sac
Using directional terminology, where is the epididymis relative to the testes? posterior and superior
Using directional terminology, the seminal vesicles are ____ to the bladder in the male pelvis. posterior
True or False. The right spermatic vein drains into the IVC? true
What is the name of the muscle that keeps the testes the correct temperature by contracting or relaxing? cremasteric muscle
What is the most common type of hernia in males? inguinal hernia
Fluid surrounding the testicles usually due to an infection is referred to as? hydrocele
What are the 3 stages for neoplasms? 1)contained within teste 2)lymph node involvment 3)metastasis
Calcifications found in the testicles are known as? microlithasis
The functional structures in the breasts are known as _____ elements. parenchymal
True or False. The retromammary layer should be looked at the closest by ultrasound. false
A mass located in the 5:00 position on the left breast is in which quadrant? lower outer
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