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fy hunan myself
dy hunan yourself
ei hunan himself/herself
ein hunain ourselves
eich hunain yourselves
eu hunain themselves
wrthyf fi from me
wrthyt ti from you
wrtho fo from him
wrthi hi from her
wrthym ni from us
wrthych chi from you(pl)
wrthyn nhw from them
amnaf fi about me
amdanat ti about you
amdano fo about him
amdani hi about her
amdanam ni about us
amdanoch chi about you(pl)
amdanyn nhw about them
i mi to me
iddyt ti to you
iddo fo to him
iddi hi to her
iddyn ni to us
iddych chi to you(pl)
iddyn nhw to them
oddi arnaf fi off me
oddi arnat ti off you
oddi arno fo off him
oddi arni hi off her
oddi arnom ni off us
oddi arnoch chi off you(pl)
oddi arnyn nhw off them
ar+fi arna i
ar+ti arnat ti
ar+fo arno fo
ar+hi arni hi
ar+ni arnon ni
ar+chi arnoch chi
ar+nhw arnyn nhw
am+fi amdana i
am+ti amdanat ti
am+fo amdano fo
am+hi amdani hi
am+ni amdanon ni
am+chi amdanoch chi
am+nhw amdanyn nhw
at+fi ata i
at+ti atat ti
at+fo ato fo
at+hi ati hi
at+ni aton ni
at+chi atoch chi
at+nhw atyn nhw
dan+fi dana i
dan+ti danat ti
dan+fo dano fo
dan+hi dani hi
dan+ni danon ni
dan+chi danoch chi
dan+nhw danyn nhw
dros+fi drosto i
dros+ti drostot ti
dros+fo drosto fo
dros+hi drosti hi
dros+ni droston ni
dros+chi drostoch chi
dros+nhw drostyn nhw
drwy+fi drwyddo i
drwy+ti drwyddot ti
drwy+fo drwyddo fo
drwy+hi drwyddi hi
drwy+ni drwyddon ni
drwy+chi drwyddoch chi
drwy+nhw drwyddyn nhw
heb+fi hebddo i
heb+ti hebddot ti
heb+fo hebddo fo
heb+hi hebddi hi
heb+ni hebddon ni
heb+chi hebddoch chi
heb+nhw hebddyn nhw
rhwng+fi rhyngddo i
rhwng+ti rhyngddot ti
rhwng+fo rhyngddo fo
rhwng+hi rhyngddi hi
rhwng+ni rhyngddon ni
rhwng+chi rhyngddoch chi
rhwng+nhw rhynddyn nhw
o+fi ohono i
o+ti ohonot ti
o+fo ohono fo
o+hi ohoni hi
o+ni ohonon ni
o+chi ohonoch chi
o+nhw ohonyn nhw
yn+fi ynddo i
yn+ti ynddot ti
yn+fo ynddo fo
yn+hi ynddi hi
yn+ni ynddon ni
yn+chi ynddoch chi
yn+nhw ynddyn nhw
Created by: Ch4rlott3



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