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Money Matters Unit3

Investment type where you lend bank or credit union your money in exchange for earning intrest Income Investment
A process whereby the value of an investment invcreases exponentially over time due to earning interest on interest Compounding
Used to determine how long it takes for your money to double Rule of 72
Founded in 1896 and published by the Wall Street Journal; tracks 30 key stocks DJIA
A prolonged period in which investment prices fall accompanied by widespread pessimism Bear Market
Profit that results when the price of an investment rises above its purchase price and the security is sold Capital Gain
A portfolio strategy designed to reduce exposure to risk by combining a variety of investments options Diversification
A group of companies the market has overlooked and is undervalued compared to similar companines Value funds
A group of companies that are growing quickly and posses some sort of competitive advantage Growth funds
Type of investment that makes you an owner growth investment
The idea that a dollar now is worth more than a dollar in the future because it can be invested and earn interest over time. Time Value of Money
Longer-term, more risky investing option investments
Companies worth less than $300 million that are startups, takeovers, or about to exploit new markets Micro-Cap Funds
Systematically invest the same amount in the same investment at regular intervals to reduce the impact of price swings. Dollar Cost Averaging
Price paid for the use of borrowed money Interest
The loss incurred when a capital asset(investment or real estate) decrease in value Capital loss
Short-term, low risk investing option that offers minimal intrest savings
a company that brings together money from many people and invests it in stocks, bonds or other assets Mutual Funds
Launched in 1971 as the world's 1st electronic stock market; tracks more than 3,200 stocks from 37 countries across all industry sectors NASDAQ
A prolonged period in which investment prices rise faster than their historical average Bull Market
Which market tracks the most stocks from around the world? The NASDAQ
Which of the following investment classin companies with market values of less than $2 billion, are likely to have recently incorporated and have the potential to grow quicly Small- cap funds
Which is NOT an example of a low risk/low reward investement Commodities
Compounding is driven by which two variables? Time and Rate of Return
Which equality index is the most commonly follow in the US? DIJA
Which of the following is NOT a characterics of a Growth Fund? Least risky investment style
Created by: rhammock15