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Human Genetics

Bio B Chapter 27

Expected Traits that you expect to see in offspring
Sex chromosomes The X and Y chromosomes-23rd chromosome pair
Heterozygous 2 different Bb
Incomplete dominance Traits blend to form a new trait (mix)--only use capital letters-no recessive genes
PKU Genetic disorder that can cause brain damage if not treated
Hemophilia Disease where your blood does not clot properly
Autosomes Chromosomes that do not determine sex (chromosomes 1-22)
XX Female
Down syndrome Genetic disorder that is caused by an extra chromosome on the 21st chromosome
Homozygous 2 of the same BB
Dyslexia Word blindness
Sickle Cell Anemia Disease where red blood cells have abnormal shape and they block oxygen supply
Observed traits Traits that you actually see once offspring are produced.
XY Male
Amniocentesis Way of looking at chromosomes of a fetus
Created by: Ensmingern