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english words

test soon

saki's real name Hector Hugh Munro
1870-1916 1870-1916 Years Saki lived
Saki was a __________ born in _____ where his _____ was in the _______ englishman,burma,father,service
raised by two strict _____ beacuse his father wanted him _______ in _______. As results he was a _______ and _______ child. aunts,father,educated,england,lonely,unhappy
his ___ were _____and showed people to be ____,____, and ______. stories,cynical,unkind,cruel,foolish
Also famous for ____ and the _____ ________ in his stories. humor,strange situations
worked as a _______ ______________ in ________,________, and ________. foreign,correspondent,Bulgaria,Poland,Russia
________about a cat that could _____, was a ____ on ______ _______. Tobermory,speak,satire,engish society
was killen in _____ WW11
O.Henry's real name William Sydney Porter
1862-1919 years o.henry lived
wrote in the laguage of the _______ ___ common,man
sories are often _____________ sentimental
most famous is ______ __ ____ ____ Gift of the Magi
contributed _______ ending suprise
sprent _ years in _______ because he was charged with_________ bank _____ 3,prison,stealing,funds
1850-1893 years Guy de Manupassant lived
born in ______ and considered to be one of the words greatest _______ of _______ _____ france,writers,short,stories
wrote __ ______ of stories 16,volumes
stories are _____ and reflect ______ and _______ about people realistic,sarcasm, pessimism
wrote with _______ about the ____ and ________ of society sympathy,poor,outcasts
died in a ______ _______ insane asylum
1919-1965 years shirley jackson lived
master of the ____ _____ tale gothic horror
also wrote light _________ stories (Charles) humoreous
the ______ is her most famous story lottery
1842-1913 years ambrose bierce lived
born in _____, one of __ children whose names all bgan with _ ohio,13,a
raised in a ______ home and _____________ only made him _______ strict,punishment,worse
joined _______ army and fought in _______ _____ union,civil war
stories dealt with the _________ of ____ horrors of war
called the "_______ ______ and the "_________ ______ bitter bierce, laughing devil
wrote a _______ called the ______ ______ which included the _______ __________ column, town crier,devils dictionary
dissapered in ______ in ____ mexico,1913
1860-1904 years anton chekhov lived
one of the worlds greatest _____ ______ writers short stories
also a famous _________ playwright
a _______ _______ medical doctor
interested in the _________of ___________, he encouraged _________ _______ problems,imprisonment,prison reform
Created by: abby_pottorff_13



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