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Ch. 9 Clicker Q's

Your friend is thinking about doing some research. What should she do first? Define the problem she wants to understand
When you have finished collecting data in a research project, what is the next step? Analyze the data
What is the primary advantage of secondary date over primary data? It is quicker to acquire
When designing a research plan what question should be answered? How will we know if we've answered the original problem?
If we wanted to know why sales of our products are declining, which source below should we explore? Our distributors, people who saw our ads, people who no longer buy our brand, sales patterns during promotion
Your good friend is going to do a survey of his store's customers with a limited research budget. What do you recommend? Mail Survey
In which type of research is the interviewer most likely to bias the respondent? Personal Interview
Which statement best describes the problem with using non-random surveys? Can't calculate the sampling error
What's the problem with this questionnaire "question?" "Why do you like Coca Cola over Pepsi?" Leading Question
What is the disadvantage of secondary data? May not answer your problem
Created by: gwd220