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Ch. 8 Clicker Q's

If your firm decided to focus on a target market of Generation Y, what would be important for success? The size of Gen Y should be measurable
What is meant by "responsiveness" of a market segment? Consumers in that segment will respond to a unique marketing mix
"A car for every purse, person and personality" reflects which target market strategy? Multisegment
Your major competitor uses a concentrated target market strategy. What should you use? Differentiated strategy
What is the main purpose of a perceptual map? Identify market opportunities
GF International coffee says it "stirs the soul." Based on the slogan, what kind of segmentation is GF using? Benefits sought
After identifying distinctive segments within a market, the next step in market segmentation is to ..... Choose whether to target all segments or practice niche marketing
A good example of a "positioning strategy" is: "More selection, lower prices at Amazon.com"
Advil's children's pain reliever claims in ads that Advil is superior to Children's Tylenol because it works faster and last longer. This is an example of .... Product positioning and Product differentiation
To be identified as a market segment, its members must .... Have common needs and respond similarly to market programs
Created by: gwd220