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Budget and Banking

Account Balance a computerized electronic machine that performs basic banking functions (as handling check deposits or issuing cash withdrawals) —called also automated teller machine, automatic teller, automatic teller machine
Budget a usually leather pouch, wallet, or pack; also: its contents
Checking Account a bank account against which the depositor can draw checks
Cleared Check To find out what is check clearing, see this explanation.
Credit Union a cooperative association that makes small loans to its members at low interest rates and offers other banking services (as savings and checking accounts)
Debit Card a card like a credit card by which money may be withdrawn or the cost of purchases paid directly from the holder's bank account without the payment of interest
Deposit to place especially for safekeeping or as a pledge;
Direct Deposit a method of payment in which money is transferred to the payee's account without the use of checks or cash
Endorse to write on the back of; especially: to sign one's name as payee on the back of (a check) in order to obtain the cash or credit represented on the face
Expense the act or an instance of expending
FDIC Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Fees an estate in land held in feudal law from a lord on condition of homage and service (2): a piece of land so held
Financial Literacy Financial literacy is the ability to understand finance. More specifically, it refers to the set of skills and knowledge
Financial Security A security is a fungible, negotiable instrument representing financial value. Securities are broadly categorized
Fixed Expense (FIXED EXPENSES) Costs of owning and operating a property that are not discretionary and, except for occasional increases,
Income a gain or recurrent benefit usually measured in money that derives from capital or labor; also: the amount of such gain received in a period of time
Interest right, title, or legal share in something (2): participation in advantage and responsibility
Loan Overdraft loan attached to your checking account
Memo a written statement or sentences sayin what people is checking for
needs A motivating force that compels action for its satisfaction
Non-sufficient funds (NSF) A term used to indicate when an item such as a check, or other transaction presented for payment
Online Banking Online banking (or Internet banking) allows customers to conduct financial transactions on a secure website
Payee A person to whom money is paid or is to be paid, esp. the person to whom a check is made payable.
Payer a person who pays money for something.
Reconcile 1.Restore friendly relations between: "she wanted to be reconciled with her father". 2.Cause to coexist in harmony; make or show to be compatible.
Savings A bank account that earns interest.
Variable Expenses (Variable expense) Variable costs are expenses that change in proportion to the activity of a business
Wants Have a desire to possess or do (something
Withdrawal 1.The action of withdrawing something.
Created by: TNelson