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The following refers to storage memory that is lost when the computer is turned off RAM
A form of an input or output device that alters data from a computer and transmits via phone or cable line Modem
Should be used to avoid clipping important phrases when answering the phone Buffer words
A system that answers the call and provides caller with a choice of connections Automatic routing unit
Process of communicating in digital form e-mail
MA actions to help caller calm down diffuse the situation, remain calm and in control
Way by which first impressions are conveyed facial expressions, posture, attitude
Purpose of standard phone pad make carbonless copy
Screening calls in important to assess the urgency and find the person most helpful to the caller
While answering the phone the person states “I took a bunch of pills” What do you do? ask what kind of pills they took
Best describes the key to having an effective scheduling system customize it to the practice
Interpersonal skills required for a person scheduling appointments don't be hurried or disinterested
Best describes the purpose of screening determine the urgency
Best describes how the MA can make a patient feel welcome acknowledge their presence
What action would motivate a patient not to miss an appointment give them an appointment card
Which situation would require the most time for an appointment complete physical
most appropriate action when a patient telephones with symptoms of an acute illness schedule patient asap
Tool used to track a patient chart removed out guide
done to correct an error in medical record strike through with red pen, write correction, and initial
tab alpha system color coded, full cut folders
Filing method that serves as a reminder tickler file
Use of out guide track charts that are removed
Method of arranging charts that uses page that lists vital ID data, immunizations, allergies, and meds POMR
Med record that has data filed strictly with the most recent chart chronological arrangement
Would apply to legal standard if no written record was made Didn't happen without record
Appropriate indexing for St. Ann's Hospital Stanns Hospital
Used in numeric filing as a journal listing numbers that are preassigned accession record
Correct order of procedural steps for filing Inspect, index, code, sort, file
Considered when choosing a pt filing system Number of files, how charts will be used
EMR from multiple sources are combined into EHR
Purpose of screening new pt for insurance to verify their insurance coverage for billing
Which term means an insurance policy pays a % after deductible is met coinsurance
Is applied to determine primary coverage of dependent birthday rule
Statement mailed to patient that contains a summary of reimbursements EOB
Applies to persons who are eligible for medicare disability
Fee system that defines allowable charges UCR
Amount of charges provider writes off after insurance won't cover adjustment
Affects how quickly the provider is reimbursed and the amount of reimbursement
Should be used to check patient eligibility POS device
The following is recommended to do 1st when no payment is received in 4 to 6 weeks ask about delay
Applied to codes used as supplement to the basic CPT system HCPCS
Diagnosis codes used primarily with cancer M Codes
Components of a procedure and reporting them as billable with charges to increase reimbursement unbundling
Name of form given to medicare patients ABN
Parts of a pegboard system not bank deposit slips
Advantage of pegboard system cheap, write it once, simple
Type of endorsement used in ambulatory care restrictive endorsement
Indicates on bank statements balance, checks, deposits, service charges
Requirements of ABN form to be in writing, indicate the type of procedures, the total responsibilities of the patient and the reason why this is the patient's responsibility
Describes a monthly billing system 1-2 days set aside for billing and mailing
Problems affecting collectors bankruptcy, estates, tracing skips
Primary need to monitor more info computerized system
Type of accounting that helps determine finances cost
Bonds to help protect from embezzlement fidelity bonds
MA action who is assigned an unfamiliar task read procedure manual
HR Manager tasks not inspecting legal regulations
Regarding job descriptions update annually
HR manager doesn't look for ____ when hiring age, race, sex
USDL bureau states Mas are listed in the top 10 jobs with growth being faster through which year 2014
Most common probation period length 2-3 months
Purpose of MA certification to show professional competency
Actions in forming a successful study group prepared focused people and assign a leader
Legal questions are in which section of the AAMA exam General
Name of NHA newsletter NHA Today
Advantage of completing a pre-job search self evaluation know strengths, weaknesses, and preferences
Resume specifications 1 page, 1-1.5 inch margins, 8.5X11 paper
Not a part of resume info birthday
Cover letter purpose to get an interview
Advantages of chronological resume staying in same field of work
% of jobs filled through networking 80%
Loan fixed cost
Clinical supplies variable cost
Lab procedures variable cost
physicians salaries variable cost
employee salary variable cost
Insurance questions MA
Medical advice Provider
Scheduling MA
Requests for prescription refills MA
Provider's family provider
General info MA
Poor progress reports MA
Other providers Provider
STAT reports Provider
Requests for medications other than prescriptions Provider
Provide in-house demo on new office equipment planning employee training and education
Present office policy manual and discuss its key points orienting and training personnel
Conduct an exit interview dismissing employees
Implement using probationary reviews dismissing employees
Provide a current job description recruiting and hiring personnel
Encourage monthly continuing education programs planning employee training and education
Implement OSHA related training sessions complying with all personnel laws
Demonstrate the use of any specialized equipment orienting and training personnel
Use networking to meet office needs recruiting and hiring personnel
Adhere to anti discrimination policies complying with all personnel laws
Encourage participation by paying employees for their time planning employee training and education
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