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AS Cancer

What type of cell division may result in cancer MITOSIS
What do you call a lump of cells with uncontrolled cell division? TUMOUR
Any chemical that may cause cancer CARCINOGEN
The phases of the cell cycle G1, S, G2, M
Genes that code for proteins that cause the cell cycle to continue ONCOGENES
Genes that code for proteins to stop the cell cycle TUMOUR SUPPRESSOR GENES
The gene that if it mutates may predispose one to breast cancer BRCA1
A tumour that ceases to grow and remains contained BENIGN
A tumour that gains a blood supply and may spread MALIGNANT
The virus that causes cervical cancer HPV
The use of harsh chemicals to kill cancer cells CHEMOTHERAPY
The use of radiation to kill cancer cells RADIOTHERAPY
A third method of treatment, besides radiotherapy and chemotherapy SURGERY
The carcinogen in cigarettes TAR
The substances in fresh fruit and veg that fight free radicals ANTIOXIDANTS
Created by: carolannaston