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DAP 116 final review

final review

the uses of dental radiographs include the detection of bone loss in its early stages
exposure to radiation no matter how small has the potential to cause harmful boilogic changes
The x-ray was discovered on November 8, 1895 by Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen
The dentist who is credited with the first practical use of radiographs in dentistry in 1896 C. Edmund Kells
Anything that occupies space and has a form or shape is matter
true or false: the orbital path of an electron around the nucleus is called an electron shell TRUE
In dentistry the _ the wavelengths of the xrays , the greater their energy and their usefulness shorter
which component of the xray machine functions in positioning the tubehead extension arm
the heart of the xray generating system is the xray tube
what refers to xradiation that is created wihen the primary beam interacts with matter secondary radiation
what will appear radiopaque on dental xray film metal restorations
the term _ is used to describe areas that appear dark on the radiograph radiolucent
the term ___ is used to describe areas that appear white or light gray radiopaque
the range of shades of gray between black and white on a radiograph is called contrast
the degree of density or blackness on a radiograph is controlled by the milliampere seconds
what will improve the sharpness of a radiographic image smaller film crystal size
damage caused by ionizing xradiation to genetic cells can affect future generations
which tissue has the highest radiation sensitivity small lymphocytes
what must be used on all patients for all radiographic exposures lead apron and thyroid collar
the guidelines for prescribibng dental radiographs issued by the american dental association and the FDA recommend what following dental radiographic procedures for a pregnant patient radiographic procedures do not need to be altered because of pregnancy
one of the rules of radiation protection is to never stand closer than ___ feet from the xray unit during an exposure unless you are behind a barrier 6
dental film holders, used to position and hold the dental xray film in the patients mouth, include XCP and disposable block, EeZee Grip, Endo ray and Uni bite
The radiographic image is located within the ____of the radiographic film gelatin that suspends the emulsion
what speed film is the newest and fastest film currently available F
The most commonly used film size for adult intraoral dentistry is size 2
True or False: A panoramic xray is taken while the xray is placed outside of the mouth during xray exposure True
A film cassette made of plastic or metal is used to hold and protect the extraoral film. During exposure, the ____ side of the cassette must alwyas face the patient front
a ___ is a device that intensifies or increases the effect of the radiation and decreases the amount of exposure time needed when exposing an extraoral radiograph intensifying screen
_____ hardens the film emulsion during film processing fixing
automatic film processing requires___ than manual film processing less equipment
Which of the following time and temperature errors will result in reticulation of the film emulsion sudden temperature change between developer and water bath
developer cut off will result in a ____ border straight white
TRUE or FALSE: most states have laws that require inspections of dental xray equipment on a regular basis True
The consumer patient radiation health and safety act is a federal law that requires all persons who take dental radiographs to be properly trained adn requires all persons who take dental radiographs to be certified
The process of informing the patient about the nature and purpose of dental radiographs is termed disclosure
radiographs are the property of the dentist
what should the dental assistant do if a patient refuses dental radiographs document in the patients record the fact that he or she refused recommended radiographs ,explain to the patient the importance of radiographs
according to the test for xray film freshness , if the processed film appears____ the film is fresh and has been properly stored and handled clean with a slight blue tint
The safelight in the darkroom can be tested by using the coin test
The most critical component in film processing quality control is maintaining the freshness of the processing solutions
developer strength can be checked by using a reference radiograph and stepwedge
in order for a film to be properly processed, it should be left in a fixer solution, at full strength, for how long 2 minutes
who is responsible for overall quality assurance in a dental practice the dentist
according to the centers for disease control ( CDC ) guidelines for infection control in dental health care settings 2003 , digital radiography sensors should use FDA cleared barriers
after removing each exposed film from the patients mouth wipe saliva from the film packet using a dry 2x2 or paper towel
what is the bitewing radiograph used for to detect periodontal disease and interproximal disease
a periapical radiograph shows the tooth from the occlusal surface or incisal edge to the bone about 2-3 mm beyond the apex
an intraoral fmx on an adult consists of how many films 18-20
what size films are used for the anterior region of the mouth 1 or 2
the ____technique is recommended by the american academy of oral and maxillofacial radiology and the american association of dental schools, because it provides the most accurate image with the least amount of radiation exposure to the patient paralleling
the ____ technique may be used in some situations suck as a small mouth, shallow palate, or the presence of tori bisecting
in order to minimize distortion the film must be positions parallel to the long axis of the tooth
the dental assistant exposing periapical films using the paralleling technique should always start with the anterior teeth
when using size 1 film for the anterior film placements using the paralleling technique, ___ maxillary and ___ mandibular films are exposed 4 ; 3
when using size 2 film for anterior film placements using the paralleling technique, there are ___anterior film placements 6
the exposre sequence for the posterior teeth should begin with the maxillary right premolar film
angulation of the PID is critical to ensure that the central ray is perpendicular to the bisector line in whihc of the following techniques bisecting and bitewing
incorrect horizontal angulation of the PID results in overlapped contact areas
incorrect vertical angulation can result in an image that is elongated or foreshortened
according to the guidelines for film placement the identification dot on the film is always placed in the slot of the film holder
the bitewing film shows what the crowns and interproximal areas of the maxillary and mandibular teeth the crestal bone
because of the curvature of the arch, a total of ___ bitewing films are teken on an adult patient 4
in adults a # _ size intraoral film is used for the occlusal technique 4
if the patient is in a wheelchair, doesnt have use of his upper limbs, and a film holder cannot be used to stabilize the films, you may do what ask the caregiver to assist in holding the film
why might radiographs be required for an edentulous patient identifing objects embeded into the bone, detecting retained root tips, impacted teeth and lesions
which film holder can aid in positioning the film during an endodontic procedure, because it fits around the dam clamp and the endodontic instruments endoray
for the patient with a hypersensitive gag refle, the ___ should be exposed last maxillary molars
a radiographic mount should always be labeled with the patients name and the date the films were exposed
the american dental association recommends that films be mounted according to the labial mounting method
for management of the patient with a gag reflex,if intraoral films are impossible to obtain you must use extraoral images
a panoramic radiograph allows the dentist to do what view the entire dentition and related structures in one film
TRUE OR FALSE: in panoramic radiography the film and the tubehead rotate around the patient TRUE
The focal trough is an imaginary three dimensional curved area or space, shaped like a horseshoe
the exposure controls allow the ____ to be adjusted on the panoramic xray unit to accommodate patients of different sizes milliamperage and kilovoltage
a patient wearing earrings or glasses must remove them before a panoramic xray exposre otherwise a ___ will appear on the film ghost image, blurred area
the correct position of the Frankfort plane for a diagnostically correct panoramic radiograph is parallel to the floor
anterior teeth that appear fat are caused by the patients teeth positioned too far back on bite block
advantages of panoramic radiography include the entire maxilla and mandible are seen on one film, it is easy and quick to learn how to expose a panoramic radiograph, patients prefer panoramic radiographs and are exposed to less radiation
advantages of panoramic radiography when contrasted with intraoral radiography include less radiation exposure
the most common skull radiographs used in dentistry are lateral cephalometric projection and posteroanterior projection
the term____is used to describe the pictures that are produced with digital radiography image
digital radiography uses ___to create a digital image an intraoral sensor and computer
which of the following statements is true digital storage phosphor imaging is a wireless method
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