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Janssen - Endocrine

Mrs. Janssen's Endocrine System Test

Which gland is known as the master gland? pituitary
What gland controls the release of hormones by the pituitary gland? hypothalamus
How many lobes does the pituitary gland have? 2
What is the most common cause of hypersecretion by endocrine organs? tumors
A simple goiter is caused by a lack of which mineral in the diet? iodine
Portal circulation connects the pituitary with which other gland? hypothalamus
What is another name for ADH? vasopressin
Hyposecretion of ADH leads to what condition? diabetes insipidus
What is the structure that joins the 2 lobes of the thyroid gland? isthmus
What is the medical term for hypothyroidism in adults? myxedema
What is the name for hyperthyroidism in adults? Graves disease
What is the term for muscles going into uncontrollable spasm? tetany
A strange bronze tone to the skin is a signature sign of which disease? Addison's
What disease is characterized by a tumor in the cortical area? Cushing's Syndrome
Excessively high blood glucose levels, glucose spilling into the urine, and the pancreas' inability to produce insulin are all symptoms of what disease? Diabetes mellitus
Excessive urine output. Polyuria
Excessive thirst. Polydipsia
Excessive hunger. Polyphagia
What are steroid hormones made from? cholesterol
What is the chief means of regulating blood levels of nearly all hormones? negative feedback mechanism
Which type of glands release their hormones directly into the blood or lymph? endocrine
Which type of glands release their hormones into body cavities or at the surface? exocrine
What type of hormones stimulate their target organs to secrete hormones? tropic
Hyposecretion of growth hormone results in what disorder? dwarfism
Hypersecretion of growth hormone results in what disorder? gigantism
The medical term for urine production. diuresis
An enlarged thyroid is known as this. goiter
Which hormone decreases blood calcium levels? calcitonin
What is the enzyme produced by the kidneys that causes the release of aldosterone? rennin
What is another name for epinephrine? adrenalin
What is another name for norepinephrine? noradrenalin
What are the best hidden endocrine glands in the body? pancreatic islets
What is the only hormone that decreases blood glucose levels? insulin
Insulin is released by which cells in the pancreas? Beta
Glucagon is released by which cells in the pancreas? Alpha
Which organ is formed only temporarily to nourish a developing baby and produce hormones to maintain a pregnancy? placenta
What is the medical term for the female "change of life?" menopause
What hormone causes milk production? prolactin
What hormone helps with reabsorption of sodium and water? aldosterone
What hormone do the ovarian follicles secrete? estrogen
What hormone prepares the uterus for implantation? progesterone
This hormone helps control emotions and behavior. melatonin
What hormone increases heart rate and blood pressure? epinephrine
Which hormone is produced by the alpha islets and breaks down glycogen? glucagon
Which hormone is produced by the beta cells and breaks down glucose? insulin
Which hormone secretes calcium into urine? calcitonin
Which hormone stimulates uterine contractions during labor? oxytocin
Created by: jjanssen33