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Midterm patho


Anastomosis pathological, surgical, or traumatic formation of an opening between to normally separated organs or space
Parenchymal organs without accessaries
Hilium the medical border of the kidney that is convex and receives the renal blood vessels
Lumen the opening in a tube or vessel
Chole- bile, gall
Enter- intestine
Cyst- bladder
Lith- calculi
Ile- ileum
Gloss- tongue
Laparo- abdomen
Proct- rectum
A, an- absent or deficient
Lingu- tongue
Amylo- starch
-ose carbohydrate
Hepat- liver
Hydro- water
Gastr- stomach
Endo- within
Exo- out, outside
-stasis control, stop; place to stand
Hepato- liver
entero- intestines
-crine secretion
cutane- skin
gluco- sugar
lip- fat
-ase enzyme
-iasis condition
-cele hernia
-centensis surgical puncture to remove fluid
-tomy incision, process of cutting into
-ectomy excision
gram record
-itis inflammation
-lysis breakdown, destruction, separation
-oma tumor
-stomy opening
-scopy process of visual examination
-pathy disease condition
pexy- fixation (surgical)
arche- top, extremities, extreme point
colp- vagina
culd- vagina
episi- vulva
lacto- milk
metr- measurement
mamm- breast
mast- breast
men- menstration
my- muscle
nat- birth
obstet- obstetrics
o-, ov- ovum
ooph- ovary
salping- fallopian (uterine) tube
salpinx- fallopian (uterine) tube
-gravida pregnancy
-rrhea flow, discharge
-tocia child birth
dys- difficult, painful
endo- within
intra- inside, within
pre- anterior, before
prime- first
retro- backward, behind
para- to bear, bring forth, live births
parous- pertaining to parity
parity condition of having given birth to an infant/s alive or dead
adnexa organ with all accessories (appendages) attached
adip- fat, fatty
cyt- cell
dors- back
medi- middle, midline
chrom- color
sarc- flesh
ana- up, apart
cata- down
anter- before
meta- beyond, change
verscer- pertaining to internal organs
arthr- joint
erythr- red
gynec- woman, female
hem- blood
leuk- white
path- disease
hyster- uterus
-ectomy excision
-otomy incision
auto- self
-algia pain
oophoro- ovary
-rraphy suture
crin- secrete
-graphy process of recording
cephalo- head
litho- stone
ortho- straight
osteo- bone
pseudo- fake
poly- many, much
-ism condition, process
Name the procedure used to remove a rectal or anal tumor abdominal perineal
what does MRI stand for Magnetic Renosance Imaging
C-arm is also called fluroscope
what is used to enhance the visualization of structures within the body contrast medium
what uses sound waves for imaging ultrasound
what does cholelithiasis mean gallstone
what does not use x-rays MRI, ultrasound
In which quadrant is your sigmoid colon located LLQ
when is a doppler used check patients blood flow
a surgical connection between tubular structures is called anastomosis
xiphoid process the distal portion of the sternum
another name for the alimentary canal the digestive tract
inguinal or ______ regions iliac
linea alba a median groove created by the joining of the abdominal aponeuroses
the rectus abdominis a long vertical strp-like muscle
the gallbladder is located in which quadrant RUQ
serosa is the ______ layer outer
mucosa is the _______ layer inner
what nerves form the parasympathetic fibers vargus nerve, sympathetic nerves
small intestines consist of ____, _____, _____ duodenum, jejunum, and ileum
attached to the cecum is the appendix
what is the purpose of the omentum to limit peritoneal infection
the spleen is the largest mass of the ______ tissue lymphatic
the liver is the largest _________ organ in the abdomen parachymal
islets of lagerhans insulin secreting beta cells
the biliary tract terminates at the sphincter of oddi
the liver produces bile
esophageal dilators are also known as maloney
kocher (position) oblique
where is the "diaphragm"atic hernia located diaphram
where is the direct hernia located hesselbach's triangle
a "foley" indwelling catheter is placed with the patient in what position supine
laparscopic nissen fundoplication is a surgical procedure that is performed to correct a hiatal hernia
gastrostomy is a surgical creation of an opening
placement site for gastrostomy incision is midstomach
abdominoperineal is performed to treat cancer of the rectum
abdominoperineal is often performed as simultaneous procedures with which two teams abdomeno/perineal
procedure performed for a pancreaticoduodenectomy whipple
the mcburney's incision is typically used for an appendectomy
_______ is resposible for production of vitamin K colon
Created by: E.Ochoa



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