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Mandoa Verbs

Atiniir (ah-teen-EER) To endure, to stick with it, to tough it out
Baatir (BAH-teer) To care, to worry about
Betenor (bey-TEHN-or) To sigh
Brokar (BROH-kar) To beat (heartbeat, drumbeat)
Cuyir (KOO-yeer) To be, to exist
Dinuir (DEE-noo-eer) To give
Duraan(ir) (DOO-rahn) To look down upon, to hold in contempt, to despise
Duumir (DOOM-eer) To allow
Ganar (GAH-ar) To have
Copaanir (KOH-pan-EER) To want
Hettir (HAY-teer) To burn
Hibirar To learn
Hukaatir (HOO-kaht-EER) To protect, to cover, to sheild
Jehaatir To lie
Jorso'ran (jor-so-RAHN) Shall bear (archaic)
Drashaar (DRAH-shar) To grow
Jurkadir (JOOR-kad-EER) To mess with someone, to attack, to threaten (lit: to brandish a saber)
Kar'taylir (kar-TIE-leer) To know, hold in the heart
Liser (LEE-say) To be able to, can
Motir (moh-TEER) To stand
Narir (nah-REER) To act or carry out, to do
Nartir (nah-ree-TEER) To place, to put
Jurkadir sha(l) (JOOR-kad-EER-shahl) mess with, mess around, hassle (serious) (transitive)
Jurkadir ti (JOOR-kad-EER-tee) mess someone about, mess around with someone, mess with (joking) (transitive)
Nau'ur (now-OOR) To light up, illuminate
Nau'ur kad (now-OOR-kad) To forge (lit: light up a saber)
Nynir (nee-NEER) To hit, to strike
Oya (OY-ah) Lit: Let's hunt!, Stay alive!, Hoorah!, Go you!, Cheers! (Always positive and triumphant)
Parjir (par-JEER) To win, to be victorious
Shabiir (sha-BEER) To screw up
Shukur (SHOO-koor) To break, to smash, to tear apart, to crush
Solus (SOH-loos) To be united, as one (alone/vulnerable, each/one, individual)
Susulur (SOO-soo-LOOR) To hear, to listen
Takisir (TAH-kees-eer) To insult
Trattok'or (TRAT-oh-kor) To fall, to fail, to collapse
Udesiir (oo-DAY-seer) To relax, to rest, to be peaceful
Verborir (VAIR-bor-EER) To buy, to hire, to contract
Vorer (VAW-rehr) To accept
Created by: lavonne.ecklund