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Assess of Dementia

Cognitive Comm

Symptoms of dementia and ____ overlap. depression
Is dementia a disease or symptom? symptom
What should you do when trying to diagnose dementia? rule out all other possible causes
What are 7 diseases with dementia? Pick's disease, PD, Huntington's Chorea, Korsakoff's Disease, Creutzfeldt-Jacob Disease, Wilson's Disease, Supranuclear Palsy
What is Pick's disease characterized by? atrophy of frontal and temporal areas & appearance of pick bodies in neurons, rare & progressive, onset age 40-60, pt eventually mute
Dementia occurs in what percent of PD cases? 40-60%
In what disease are language skills relatively spared? PD
What are characteristics of Huntington's Chorea? progressive, genetic, movement disorder, fatal
What percent of dementia does multi-infarct account for? 20%
What is Korsakoff's Disease caused by? chronic alcohol abuse, irreversible
What is another name for Creutzfeldt-Jacob Disease? Mad Cow Disease, viral
What tasks can you use to differentiate dementia and aphasia? spatial recognition, verbal recognition, story retelling (ppl w/ aphasia better at all of those)
What deficit do ppl with DAT have that ppl with RHD don't? auditory comprehension deficits
______ is depression that mimics dementia pseudodementia
What are 4 differences in pseudodementia compared to dementia? more sudden onset and rapid progression, may be unmotivated in testing where DAT pt will "aim to please", more variable on intellectual tasks where DAT consistently poor, complain about problems where DAT pt oblivious
Why is a team workup needed to assess and diagnose dementia? Due to variety of physical, social, medical, communicative problems caused by the disease
Who makes up the team for assessing and diagnosing dementia? neurologist, SLP, audiologist, PT, OT, nurse, social worker, internist, GP, geriatrician
What should the communication assessment look at? multiple areas and daily functional skills
Communication disorders often lead to ____. institutionalization; due to cause of conflict in family
What are 4 components of the evaluation? Case history, Neurological & medical exams, Behavioral assessment, and Communicative assessment
What does the info from the case history demonstrate? pt functions in context and what demands are placed on them
_____ will largely depend on this data about pt symptoms. Diagnosis
What are 5 areas of the interview? Health status, Cognitive-psych symptoms, Social status, Communicative status, Special problems
What may the PT evaluate? gait, posture, balance
What eval may help make a differential diagnosis? neuro/medical
What is evaluated in Behavior Eval? neuropsych evals memory, attention, orientation, overlap into lang; SLP eval lang and overlap into cognition; look at behavior in context and get reports from others
There are no ____ on language tests for pt with dementia. norms
What are some general testing guidelines? comfortable room, pt rested and not hungry, need encouragement, screen hearing and vision prior to test, observe pt grooming appearance behavior lang
What are 4 changes in assessment procedures for older adults? adjust test and instructions, adjust examiner expectations, adjust the goals, adjust skills of examiner
What is the best test for someone with mild to mod dementia? ABCD; has norms, stimuli looks current; assess lang and mem; only standard test for dementia
What is impaired with dementia and related to functional lang? pragmatics
What test will assess pragmatics? Discourse Abilities Profile; assesses narratives, procedures, conversation
Which tests assess semantics? PPVT, FAS word fluency test, BNT
Which tests assess memeory? RIPA-G, ABCD, MMSE (screener)
After __ ____, normal elderly adults should be able to recall 96% of story features of a 70-100 word story. one hour
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