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Dental Materials 2-2


Wax Bite Registration Is an imprint of the patients occlusion & jaw relation
Elastomeric/Silicone Is used for an extremely accurate bite registration
Custom Tray Is a tray made specifically for an individual
Alginate The generic name for a group of irriversible hydrocolloid materials
Correct Mixing Procedure Creamy homogenous consistency, hold bowl in nondominate hand while spatulating mixture. Incorporate powder & water gently till completely moistened
Warm Water Will set alginate faster when added to the mixing of alginate
Rinse cold water/disinfect After removing an alginate impression from the patients mouth
Polyether/Vinylpolysiloxane These are the most common elastomeric bite registration materials
Immediately pour an impression To provent changes in a reversible hydrocolloid impression such as syneresis or imbibition
Study Model A gypsum replica of hard & soft tissues that is used for observation or study
Splatter Guard This prevents materials from spraying the room while using the rag wheel & pumice
Bite Registration Wax This is the type of wax most commonly used
Dental Lathe Rotary machine used during grinding, finishing & polishing procedures
Model Trimmer Used to contour gypsum cast models
Vacuum Former Softens a sheet of plastic with heat & pulls it down onto the cast with suction
Spatula Used to blend the powdered alginate or gypsum & water together in a bowl
Alcohol Torches Draws fuel through a wick from a reservoir near the top
Vibrator Used to move dental plaster or stone gypsum products when pouring a cast model
Articulator A device designed to reproduce movements of a patients mandibular arch in proper occlusion
Splatter Guard Prevents material from spraying the room
Facebow Used to record the relationship of the maxillary arch to the horizontal axis rotation of the mandible
Bunsen Burner Requires a balanced air/gas mixture to produce a clean blue flame
Created by: mgarrett