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Dental Materials 2-1


Curing Is the process by which a dental material hardens to perform it's function.
Galvanic shock When two dissimilar metals come in contact with each other and an electrical current can occur.
ZOE w/eugenol Is not recommended for use with composites.
Polymerization A chemical process causing two materials to harden together.
Alginate Is an irreversible hydrocolloid impression material.
Alginate for preliminary impressions Not used because it is dimensionally stable and has the ability to produce no detail.
Stock trays May riquire wax to extend the tray or to make it more comfortable for the patient. (Beading)
Cold water Will decrease the setting time.
Hair pulled back and PPE worn While working with the vacuum formers, lathes, or model trimmer.
Articulation Movement of teeth of the lower jaw in an up and down tooth polition relationship.
Hospital Grade Disinfectant Solution All impressions should be rinsed to remove blood and debris then soaked or sprayed with this.
Articulator A piece of dental equipment designed to reproduce movements of the patient's mandivular arch and patient bite.
Flexible Rubber Material What a dental lab mixing bowl is made of.
Elimination of Air bubbles This is the primary objective when pouring a dental cast with a gypsumm product.
Zinc Oxide Eugenol Cements The cement of choice for temporary restorations because they are Insulating, proctective and palliative to the pulp.
Zinc Phosphate Mixed on a glass slab to minimize the temperature rise from the heat given off.
Figure Eight Zinc phosphate powder and liquid is mixed this way over a large area on a glass slab.
Calcium Hydroxide This is a common type of dental liner also known as Dycal.
Sedative Base Zinc Oxide Eugenol is used the best as this.
Stent Any material used to make a mold of a tooth, mainly used to make a temporary fixed bridge.
Aluminum shell crowns A type of provisional crown used on posterior teeth, where asthetics are not a concern.
Crowns/Bridges A stent is used to fabricate provisionals for these.
Two Weeks The time a provisional is required to be worn by a patient.
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