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Buntús 1 Review

Buntús Cainte Book 1 Review words and phrases

a bhí uaim I wanted
a bhriste his pants
a chasóg his jacket
a cheannach to buy
a lán daoine "full of people
a léine his shirt
a scairf his scarf
abair le Seán say to John
ag caoineadh "lament
áit éigin some place
am codlata sleep time
an bhó the cow
an chaora the sheep
an chruithneacht the wheat
an coirce the oats
an dóigh leat? do you think so?
an fohcúpan the saucer
an fómhar the fall
an geimhreadh the winter
an leoraí the truck
an liathróid the ball
an mar sin é? is that so?
an samhradh the summer
an scian the knife
an siúcra the sugar
an stoirm the storm
an taephota the teapot
an t-asal the donkey
an t-earrach the spring
an t-im the butter
an tseachtain seo chuaigh thart last week
an tsubh the jam
anois direach now directly (right now)
anuraidh next year
aois age
aon duine eile any other one
aon leann any ale
ar an bpláta on the plate
ar fad "altogether
ar nóigh of courcse
as an áit out of the place
as mo bhealach out of my way
báinin bawneen
báite drowned
béirim ar I catch
bhain sé de he removed
bheith i d’fheirmeoir to be in my farmer
bheith i do siopadóir to be in my shopkeeper
bheith i m’fhiacloir to be in my dentist
bheith i mo dhochtiúr to be in my doctor
bhí sí a rá le she was to say to
bliain is caoga 50 years
cáca cake
cad as dó? where is he from?
caithfidh mé I must
caoga bliain 40 years
cara liom friend with him
cé leis? who owns?
cé tusa? How are you?
céad bliain 100 years
céard a rinne sí? what did she do?
céard atá a dheanamh agat? what do you have to do? (what are you doing?)
cén aít? where?
cén chaoi? how?
cén duine? what person? Who?
cén fáth? why?
cén obair? what work?
cén uair? what time
chaith sé de he threw from
chomh mhaith le as good as
chomh sean sin as old as that
chun na tine to the fire
cipín "twig
cosúil le similar to
crann tree
creidim I believe
cuid "portion
cúpla buidéal couple of bottles
cúpla ceann couple of ones
cúpla duine eile couple of other ones
d’aois of age
d’imigh sé leis a chodladh he went with him to bed
dána bold
daor expensive
dath color
déanaim I do
deich 10
dhá bhliain is an tseachtain seo two years this week
dhá bhliain is caoga 52 years
Dia anseo isteach! God here inside!
direach i gceart exactly right
dochar harm
dorcha dark
dul ann to go there
é a dhéanamh it to do
é a fháil it to get
é a fheiceáill it to see
é a ithe it to eat
é a ól it to drink
é a rá it to say
éigin some place
faoin drisiúr under the dresser
faoin gcófra "under the press
faoin stól under the stool
fáth reason
fear an phoist post man
fochupan the saucer
fuaireamar we got
fuar cold
geal bright
gheobhamid we will get
gloine bhriste broken glass
go dtí an séipéal to the chapel
go luath early
go maire tú é! May you enjoy it!
go tapa quickly
gúna dress
i bhfad a long time
i mo dhiadh after me
iníon daughter
is docha I suppose
is fada ó is long since
is feidir liom I can
is maith an rud go bhfuil Is good the thing that
is trua sin is a pity that
laethanta saoire holidays
lánsásta fully satisfied
le bhliain for the past year
le ciudui Dé with God's help
le dhá bhliain for the past two years
le fada for a long time
le fada an lá with long the day
léim jump
má tá sé an t-am agam if he has the time
má tá sí if she is
mac son
mall slow
mall go leor slow enough
mar í sin like her
morán daoine many people
na ceachtanna go léir all the lessons
na laethanta seo these days
na rudaí sin those things
ná taispeain dom do not show me
nach é? doesn't it?
ní raibh a chuma sin uirthi that appearance was not on her
níl aithne agam air I am not aquainted with him
nil sé ach a deich a chlog it was not but 10 o'clock
nócha bliain 90 years
ochtó bliain 80 years
oíche eile other night
pionta pint
ramhar fat
réidh ready
robheag too small
romhór too big
saor inexpensive
scútar scooter
seachtó bliain 60 years
seasca bliaian 60 years
seo duit é here for you it
seo duit na seacht bpingin here for you seven pennies
seo duit na trí phingin here for you three pennies
shíl mé I thought
sin a méid that's all
tamall ó shin a while ago
tanaí thin
tar éis after
te hot
thall over there
tit fall
tógaim I take
toitín cigarette
trí bliana is caoga 53 years
tugaim I give
uair éigin eile some other time
uisce water
mar sin so, therefore
chuaigh thart went by
ná habair don't say
is maith an áit is a good place
an ndeir tú liom é? do you tell me it?
as baile away from home
aréir last night
bainte dug up
mála earraí bag of goods
dearmead mistake
go deimhin indeed
cibé ar bith anyway
trathnóna inne yesterday evening
go trom heavily
a stór dear (form of address)
níochan washing
go rómhaith too well
le tamall for some time
Created by: ak10468
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