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A gradual developing of the lens occurring most frequently in persons over 70 is cataracts
A condition indicating that certain elements are lacking in the blood anemia
A listing of a specific service rendered and fees charged is an itemized statement
Fats are also known as lipids
The digestion of fats occurs mainly in the small intestine
A congenital defect consisting of the absence of a vertebral arch of the spinal column is called spina bifida
An inflammation of the skin usually causing itching and sometimes accompanied by scaling or blisters eczema
The outer most cellular layer of skin is called epidermis
What kind of insurance provides medical care for jobs related accident or illness worker’s compensation
The purpose of aging the accounts receivable is used to identify past due accounts for collection
The word indicating the date medical insurance coverage begins effective
When autoclaving instruments the timing period begins when adequate pressure has built up and when the instruments are placed in the autoclave and the door is sealed
Hemostats are a type of forcep
Normal oral temp is 98.6 F the equivalent Celsius temp is 37
Pr ogres refers to prediction of outcome
The first way to communicate courtesy to the telephone caller is to answer promptly, identify yourself, ask how you can help
The word part that means joint is arthro
Which of the following may precipitate individuals attacks of asthma irritants, exposure to mist and dust, cold air
Abbreviation for every hour QH
Nephro kidney
Auto self
Small tissue sample is taken from the body and sent to the lab to be examined biopsy
What should be avoided by the MA giving medical advice, arguing, discussing the pt's condition
Galactose is a product of the digestion of milk
Rrhea flow
Surgical repair plasty
Seizure disorder affecting 2%of the population epilepsy
The patient is more cooperative if they understand the procedure
BP blood pressure
Three times a day t.i.d.
Vitamin that is necessary for the proper clotting of blood K
Peri around
Pain algia
A tray for a pelvic exam should include lubricant, vaginal speculum, gloves
Microscopic projections in the wall of the small intestine villus or villi
Which of the following groups sponsor CHAMPUS US military
For a pt to be entitles to PAY IN FULL benefits under the blue shield program their physician must participate
ITIS inflammation
Dys painful
Type of insurance that provides income when the insured is unable to work due to injury is disability
Congenital anemia primarily in African Americans sickle cell
Liquid stools diarrhea
Unacceptable procedure for a fainting victim pour water of the face
Medicare pays 80%
Patient has a blunt injury to the eye they should come in asap
PT is bleeding heavily apply direct pressure
A patient complaining of chest pain suddenly collapses check for breath and pulse before performing CPR
PT begins to feel faint during venipuncture PT should place head between knees and ready smelling salts
Ways to prevent a pt from forgetting a future appt call them the day before, don't book more than two weeks in advance, give the pt an appt card
Instrument to view the nose rhinoscope
A pt that is 68 years or older is likely covered by medicare
An insurance contract written for a company for its employees is called group coverage
The most common combining form is O
Women Gyne
When you are confused by a term you should consult a dictionary
Persons who are unable to pay for medical care or who have dependent children may apply for medicaid
Establish eligibility for medicaid you must check their ID, policy, social security
Which of the following are characteristics of infantile eczema red raised scaled areas on cheeks scalp and diaper area
If poor records are kept and the physician fails to report all his income and deductions to the IRS the physician is open to charges of fraud
Inflammation of the meninges meningitis
Person incapable of forming melanin albino
Megalo large
white leuko
Every two hours Q2H Verbal information that may injure the reputation of another
Four times a day qid
When a pt mus cancel an appt you should schedule another
A simple sugar which all carbs are converted to is glucose
The suffix is the end of the word
Prefix is the beginning of the word
The doctors office is most concerned with civil and criminal law
Chronic inflammatory disease that attacks the joints rheumatoid arthritis
Tsp teaspoon
Latest date an employer may give the employee the w2 form 1/31
Good source of vitamin C Citrus
STAT immediately
Osteo bone
Occult hidden
A pt financial account is refereed to as ledger
A mysterious condition which kills healthy infants SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome
Metabolic bone disorders affecting primarily women characterized by the loss of calcium and phosphate from the bone osteoporosis
How often is the physicians narcotic license renewed annually
Predetermined amount of money paid by the pt before an insurance company pays deductible
During an eye exam using the snellens eye chart the pt should keep both eyes open but cover one
Relapse refers to the recurrence of symptoms
Phago to eat
A conditions of excessive ocular pressure glaucoma
Three main groups of carbs monosaccharides, disaccharides polysaccharides
Critical illness resulting in the cessation of kidney function renal failure
Smallest blood vessel capillary
atriomegaly enlargement of the atrium
Insulin deficient or resistances diabetes mellitus
A fragile organism called gonoccus bacteria causes gonorrhea
Variation in the shape of the red blood cell poiklocytosis
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