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Lesson IIII

Lesson 4 Computer Lt

Cable Management Organizing and protecting computer system cables.
Corona Wires Laser printer wires used to generate a field of positive charges on the surface of the drum and the paper.
Cookie Small text file that a web site uses to identify a specific computer.
Defragmentation A process that reduces the amount of fragmentation on a disk by physically organizing the contents of the disk so the pieces of each file are stored contiguously.
Erogonominc Keyboard Keyboard that allows for a more natural positioning of arms and hands.
Maintenance Performing tasks on a requluar schedule to manage and prevent equipment problems.
Recycle Bin Holding area for files and folders before their final deletion from a storage device.
Sectors Storage locations on a hard disk where data files are written.
Seek Time How long it takes the computer to scan for a file; Affects speed of processing cycle and computer performance.
Touchpad A pointing device that can be used instead of a mouse: most often on notebook computers.
Wireless Keyboard keyboard that reduces the clutter of wires and cables, improves mobility.
Fragmentation Occurs when a piece of data is broken up into many pieces that are not stored close together.
Created by: Williams_Jade