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when working with mercury, a hygiene precaution which must be followed is to store scrap amalgam under water
a class II cavity requires a tofflemire retainer
when setting a crown and/or a bridge, the consistency of the cement should be thick enough to form a continuous 1/2 inch strand when lifted of slab
plaster will emit warmth after mixing because of setting reaction
air bubbles in a mix of plaster _____________ the mixture affect the strength of "the mixture"
when mixing ZOE in preperation for use in a dry socket, _______ is used parchment pad
when constructing a shellac baseplate, a safety precaution that must be observed is to avoid overheating
the composition of silver amalgam includes silver, copper tin and zinc
construction of custom trsys calls for which type of resin material acrylic resin
custom trays are constructed primarily for the purpose of having a tray that fits the patients mouth for final impressions
a complex cavity involving two or more surfaces requires a tofflemire retainer
wedges are placed in order to 1. stabilize the matrix 2. insure proper contacts 3. seperate the teeth
shellac baseplate are used to form tissue area of occlusion rims
to take preliminary impression for a full denture the material used may be irreversible hydrocolloid
when taking a preliminary impression, the compound heater temperature should be 132*F
in a bonding process the composite resins are used together with acid-etch technique
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