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Irish Irregular Verb

Irish Verbs

d'fheicfeadh sibh you would see
d'fheicfidís they would see
d'fheicfí one would see
ní fhaca mé I did not see
ní fhaca tú you did not
ní fhaca sé he did not see
ní fhacamar we did not see
ní fhaca sibh you did not see
ní fhaca siad they did not see
ní fhacthas one did not see
an bhfaca mé did I see
an bhfaca tú did you see
an bhfaca sé did he see
an bhfacamar did we see
an bhfaca sibh did you see
an bhfaca siad did they see
an bhfacthas did one see
deirim I say
deir tú you say
deir sé he says
deirimid we say
deir sibh you say (pl)
deir siad they say
deirtear one say
dúirt mé I said
dúirt tú you said
dúirt sé he said
dúramar we said
dúirt sibh you said (pl)
dúirt siad they said
dúradh one said
deirinn I used to say
deirteá you used to say
deireadh sé he used to say
deirimis we used to say
deireadh sibh you used to say (pl)
deiridis they used to say
deirtí one used to say
déarfaidh mé I will say
déarfaidh tú you will say
déarfaidh sé he will say
déarfaimid we will say
déarfaidh sibh you will say (pl)
déarfaidh siad they will say
déarfar one will say
déarfainn I would say
déarfá you would say
déarfadh sé he would say
déarfaimis we would say
déarfadh sibh you would say (pl)
déarfaidís they would say
déarfaí one would say
ní dúirt mé I did not say
ní dúirt tú you did not say
ní dúirt sé he did not say
ní dúramar we did not say
ní dúirt sibh you did not say (pl)
ní dúirt siad they did not say
ní dúradh one did not say
an nduirt mé did I say
an nduirt tú did you say
an nduirt sé did he say
an nduramar did we say
an nduirt sibh did you say (pl)
an nduirt siad did they say
an nduradh did one say
ithim I eat
itheann tú you eat
itheann sé he eats
ithimid we eat
itheann sibh you eat (pl)
itheann siad they eat
itear one eats
d'ith mé I ate
d'ith tú you ate
d'ith sé he ate
d'itheamar we ate
d'ith sibh you ate (pl)
d'ith siad they ate
itheadh one ate
d'ithinn I used to eat
d'iteá you used to eat
d'itheadh sé he used to eat
d'ithimis we used to eat
d'itheadh sibh you used to eat (pl)
d'ithidís they used to eat
d'ití one used to eat
íosfaidh mé I will eat
íosfaidh tú you will eat
íosfaidh sé he will eat
íosfaimid we will eat
íosfaidh sibh you will eat (pl)
íosfaidh siad they will eat
íosfar one will eat
d'íosfainn I would eat
d'íosfá you would eat
d'íosfadh sé he would eat
d'íosfaimis we would eat
d'íosfadh sibh you would eat (pl)
d'íosfaidís they would eat
d'íosfaí one would eat
téim I go
téann tú you go
téann sé he goes
téimid we go
téann sibh you go (pl)
téann siad they go
téitear one goes
chuaigh mé I went
chuaigh tú you went
chuaigh sé he went
chuamar we went
chuaigh sibh you went
chuaigh siad they went
chuathas one went
théinn I used to go
théiteá you used to go
théadh sé he used to go
théimis we used to go
théadh sibh you used to go (pl)
théidís they used to go
théití one used to go
rachaidh mé I will go
rachaidh tú you will go
rachaidh sé he will go
rachaimid we will go
rachaidh sibh you will go
rachaidh siad they will go
rachfar one will go
rachainn I would go
rachfá you would go
rachadh sé he would go
rachaimis we would go
rachadh sibh you would go (pl)
rachaidís they would go
rachfaí one would go
ní dheachaigh mé I did not go
ní dheachaigh tú you did not go
ní dheachaigh sé he did not go
ní dheachamar we did not go
ní dheachaigh sibh you did not go (pl)
ní dheachaigh siad they did not go
ní dheachthas one did not go
an ndeachaigh mé did I go
an ndeachaigh tú did you go
táim I am
tá tú you are
tá sé he is
táimid we are
tá sibh you are (pl)
tá siad they are
táthar one is
bím I am (hab)
bíonn tú you are (hab)
bíonn sé he is (hab)
bímid we are (hab)
bíonn sibh you are (hab pl)
bíonn siad they are (hab)
bítear one is (hab)
bhí mé I was
bhí tú you were
bhí sé he was
bhíomar we were
bhí sibh you were (pl)
bhí siad they were
bhíothas one was
bhínn I used to be
bhíteá you used to be
bhíodh sé he used to be
bhímis we used to be
bhíodh sibh you used to be (pl)
bhídís they used to be
bhítí one used to be
beidh mé I will be
beidh tú you will be
beidh sé he will be
beimid we will be
beidh sibh you will be (pl)
beidh siad they will be
beifear one will be
bheinn I would be
bheifeá you would be
bheadh sé he would be
bheimis we would be
bheadh sibh you would be (pl)
bheidís they would be
bheifí one would be
an bhfuil mé am I
an bhfuil tú are you
an bhfuil sé is he
an bhfuilimid are we
an bhfuil sibh are you (pl)
an bhfuil siad are they
an bhfuiltear is one
nílim I am not
níl tú You are not
níl sé he is not
nílimid we are not
níl sibh you are not (pl)
níl siad they are not
níltear one is not
an raibh mé was I
an raibh tú were you
an raibh sé was he
an rabhamar were we
an raibh sibh were you (pl)
an raibh siad were they
an rabhthas was one
déanaim I do/make
déanann tú you do/make
déanann sé he does/makes
déanaimid we do/make
déanann sibh you do/make (pl)
déanann siad they do/make
déantar one does/makes
rinne mé I did/made
rinne tú you did/made
rinne sé he did/made
rinneamar we did/made
rinne sibh you did/made (pl)
rinne siad they did/made
rinneadh one did/made
dhéanainn I used to do/make
dhéantá you used to do/make
dhéanadh sé he used to do/make
dhéanaimis we used to do/make
dhéanadh sibh you used to do/make (pl)
dhéanaidís they used to do/make
dhéantaí one used to do/make
déanfaidh mé I will do/make
déanfaidh tú you will do/make
déanfaidh sé he will do/make
déanfaimid we will do/make
déanfaidh sibh you will do/make (pl)
déanfaidh siad they will do/make
déanfar one will do/make
dhéanfainn I would do/make
dhéanfá you would do/make
dhéanfadh sé he would do/make
dhéanfaimis we would do/make
dhéanfadh sibh you would do/make (pl)
dhéanfaidís they would do/make
dhéanfaí one would do/make
ní dhearna mé I did not do/make
ní dhearna tú you did not do/make
ní dhearna sé he did not do/make
ní dhearnamar we did not do/make
ní dhearna sibh you did not do/make (pl)
ní dhearna siad they did not do/make
ní dhearnadh one did not do/make
an ndearna mé did I do/make
an ndearna tú did you do/make
an ndearna sé did he do/make
an ndearnamar did we do/make
an ndearna sibh did you do/make (pl)
an ndearna siad did they do/make
an ndearnadh did one do/make
cloisim I hear
cloiseann tú you hear
cloiseann sé he hears
cloisimid we hear
cloiseann sibh you hear (pl)
cloiseann siad they hear
cloistear one hears
chuala mé I heard
chuala tú you heard
chuala sé he heard
chualamar we heard
chuala sibh you heard (pl)
chuala siad they heard
chualathas one heard
chloisinn I used to hear
chloisteá you used to hear
chloiseadh sé he used to hear
chloisimis we used to hear
chloiseadh sibh you used to hear (pl)
chloisidís they used to hear
chloistí one used to hear
cloisfidh mé I will hear
cloisfidh tú you will hear
cloisfidh sé he will hear
cloisfimid we will hear
cloisfidh sibh you will hear (pl)
cloisfidh siad they will hear
cloisfear one will hear
chloisfinn I would hear
chloisfeá you would hear
chloisfeadh sé he would hear
chloisfimis we would hear
chloisfeadh sibh you would hear (pl)
chloisfidis they would hear
chloisfí one would hear
feicim I see
feiceann tú you see
feiceann sé he sees
feicimid we see
feiceann sibh you see (pl)
feiceann siad they see
feictear one sees
chonaic mé I saw
chonaic tú you saw
chonaic sé he saw
chonaiceamar we saw
chonaic sibh you saw (pl)
chonaic siad they saw
chonacthas one saw
d'fheicinn I used to see
d'fheicteá you used to see
d'fheiceadh sé he used to see
d'fheicimis we used to see
d'fheiceadh sibh you used to see (pl)
d'fheicidís they used to see
d'fheictí one used to see
feicfidh mé I will see
feicfidh tú you will see
feicfidh sé he will see
feicfimid we will see
feicfidh sibh you will see (pl)
feicfidh siad they will not see
feicfear one will not see
d'fheicfinn I would see
d'fheicfeá you would see
d'fheicfeadh sé he would see
d'fheicfimis we would see
an ndeachaigh sé did he go
an ndeachamar did we go
an ndeachaigh sibh did you go (pl)
an ndeachaigh siad did they go
an ndeachthas did one go
tagaim I come
tagann tú you come
tagann sé he comes
tagaimid we come
tagann sibh you come (pl)
tagann siad they come
tagtar one comes
tháinig mé I came
tháinig tú you came
tháinig sé he came
thángamar we came
tháinig sibh you came
tháinig siad they came
thángthas one came
thagainn I used to come
thagtá you used to come
thagadh sé he used to come
thagaimis we used to come
thagadh sibh you used to come (pl)
thagaidís they used to come
thagtaí one used to come
tiocfaidh mé I will come
tiocfaidh tú you will come
tiocfaidh sé he will come
tiocfaimid we will come
tiocfaidh sibh you will come (pl)
tiocfaidh siad they will come
tiocfar one will come
thiocfainn I would come
thiocfá you would come
thiocfadh sé he would come
thiocfaimis we would come
thiocfadh sibh you would come (pl)
thiocfaidís they would come
thiocfaí one would come
tugaim I give
tugann tú you give
tugann sé he gives
tugaimid we give
tugann sibh you give (pl)
tugann siad they give
tugtar one gives
thug mé I gave
thug tú you gave
thug sé he gave
thugamar we gave
thug sibh you gave (pl)
thug siad they gave
tugadh one gave
thugainn I used to give
thugtá you used to give
thugadh sé he used to hear
thugaimis we used to give
thugadh sibh you used to give (pl)
thugaidís they used to give
thugtaí one used to give
tabharfaidh mé I will give
tabharfaidh tú you will give
tabharfaidh sé he will give
tabharfaimid we will give
tabharfaidh sibh you will give (pl)
tabharfaidh siad they will give
tabharfar one will give
thabharfainn I would give
thabharfá you would give
thabharfadh sé he would give
thabharfaimis we would give
thabharfadh sibh you would give (pl)
thabharfaidís they would give
thabharfaí one would give
faighim I get
faigheann tú you get
faigheann sé he get
faighimid we get
faigheann sibh you get (pl)
faigheann siad they get
faightear one gets
fuair mé I got
fuair tú you got
fuair sé he got
fuaireamar we got
fuair sibh you got (pl)
fuair siad they got
fuarthas one got
d'fhaighinn I used to get
d'fhaighteá you used to get
d'fhaigheadh sé he used to get
d'fhaighimis we used to get
d'fhaigheadh sibh you used to get (pl)
d'fhaighidís they used to get
d'fhaightí one used to get
gheobhaidh mé I will get
gheobhaidh tú you will get
gheobhaidh sé he will get
gheobhaimid we will get
gheobhaidh sibh you will get (pl)
gheobhaidh siad they will get
gheofar one will get
gheobhainn I would get
gheofá you would get
gheobhadh sé he would get
gheobhaimis we would get
gheobhadh sibh you would get (pl)
gheobhaidís they would get
gheofaí one would get
ní bhfuair mé I did not get
ní bhfuair tú you did not get
ní bhfuair sé he did not get
ní bhfuaireamar we did not get
ní bhfuair sibh you did not get (pl)
ní bhfuair siad they did not get
ní bhfuarthas one did not get
an bhfuair mé did I get
an bhfuair tú did you get
an bhfuair sé did he get
an bhfuaireamar did we get
an bhfuair sibh did you get (pl)
an bhfuair siad did they get
an bhfuarthas did one get
ní bhfaighidh mé I will not get
ní bhfaighidh tú you will not get
ní bhfaighidh sé he will not get
ní bhfaighimid we will not get
ní bhfaighidh sibh you will not get (pl)
ní bhfaighidh siad they will not get
ní bhfaighfear one will not get
an bhfaighidh mé will I get
an bhfaighidh tú will you get
an bhfaighidh sé will he get
an bhfaighimid will we get
an bhfaighidh sibh will you get (pl)
an bhfaighidh siad will they get
an bhfaighfear will one get
beirim I bear
beireann tú you bear
beireann sé he bears
beirimid we bear
beireann sibh you bear (pl)
beireann siad they bear
beirtear one bears
rug mé I bore
rug tú you bore
rug sé he bore
rugamar we bore
rug sibh you bore (pl)
rug siad they bore
rugadh one bore
bheirinn we used to bear
bheirteá you used to bear
bheireadh sé he used to bear
bheirimis we used to bear
bheireadh sibh you used to bear (pl)
bheiridís they used to bear
bheirtí one used to bear
béarfaidh mé will will bear
béarfaidh tú you will bear
béarfaidh sé he will bear
béarfaimid we will bear
béarfaidh sibh you will bear (pl)
béarfaidh siad they will bear
béarfar one will bear
bhéarfainn I would bear
bhéarfá you would bear
bhéarfadh sé he would bear
bhéarfaimis we would bear
bhéarfadh sibh you would bear (pl)
bhéarfaidís they would bear
bhéarfaí one would bear
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