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2A Vocab (latin)

Latin words

amic-a ae 1f mistress
astuti-a ae 1f astuteness; pl. tricks
cer-a ae 1f wax
lun-a ae 1f moon
tabell-ae arum 1f pl. writing tablets
ui-a ae 1f road, way
numm-us i 2m coin; pl. money
offici-um i 2n duty, job
oppid-um i 2n town
stil-us i 2m stylus
nox noct-is 3f night
sol sol-is 3m sun
alter altera alterum one/another
decunt-i ae a 200 (two hundred)
noster nostra nostrum our(s)
vester vestra vestrum your(s) pl.
difficil-is e difficult
mendax mendacis lying, untruthful
adiuuo 1 I help
adseruo 1 I keep/gaurd
obsecro 1 I beseech/beg
adscribo 3 I write in addition
scribo 3 scrips- script- I write
uincio 4 uinx- uinct- I bind
capio 3/4 cep- capt- I take/capture
decipio 3/4 I decieve
adfero 3 IRR attul- allat- I bring to
ac (atque) and
bene good, fine
cum + abl. with
de + abl. of, concerning, about
dum while
iterum again
modo now
man-us -us 4f hand
sumpt-us -us 4m expense
celer celeris celere swift
malo malle I prefer
nolo nolle I am unwilling, wish not, I refuse
possum posse I am able
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