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Biotechnology Vocab

NC Essential Standards - Biotechnology

Biotechnology using living organisms to develop technologies and products to improve lives and health.
Ethical Conforming to acceptable standards that are consistent with agreed upon principles and moral behavior
Insulin Hormone produced by the pancreas that regulates metabolism in the body.
Forensics Application of science and technology to establish facts in matters of criminal or civil law
Cloning a procedure for producing multiple copies of genetically identical organisms
Insecticide a toxic substance used to kill pests
Microbial Hazard microorganisms that have the potential to cause injury or death
Genetic Testing Medical tests that identify changes in chromosomes, genes or proteins used to confirm or rule out a genetic disorder
Biotechnology The branch of science used in analyzing evidence from a crime scene, cloning plants to produce higher yield of fruit, using bacteria to clean up oil spills, etc
Ethical Changing a persons genetic make up in order to design a perfect baby is an _____________ question being debated by scientists.
Insulin Biotechnology is used to make this synthetic hormone to help treat the disease diabetes.
Forensics DNA collected from the clothing of a crime victim is used to identify the person guilty of the attack.
Cloning stem cells taken from one sibling, copied and injected into the bone marrow of the other sibling in order to treat leukemia
Insecticide treating your pet for fleas and ticks
Microbial Hazard you get sick after eating potato salad at a summer picnic
Genetic Testing pregnant woman often have tests performed to find out if their babies may have an illness like Downs Syndrome, Cystic Fibrosis, or Parkinson's disease
Bio-remediation using living organisms to solve an environmental problem such as contaminated soil or groundwater. may clean up oil spills too.
Medicine any substance used to treat disease or promote health.
Created by: MrsDIrvin