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Lesson II

Computer Literacy

Audio Input Process of inputting sound into the computer.
Biometrics Authentication technique using automated methods of recognizing a person based on a physiological or behavioral characteristic.
Digital Camera Takes pictures that are stored digitally and then transferred to the computer's memory.
Expansion Slot Opening on the motherboard where an expansion board, alco called an adapter card.
Inkjet Printer Provides good-quality color printing for less expense than a lasar printer.
Input Data or instruction entered into a computer.
Keyboard Most commonly used input device for entering numeric and alphabetic data into a computer.
Laser Printer Produces images using the same technology as copier machines.
Modem A device that allows one computer to talk to another.
Monitor Desktop computer display device.
Mouse Most commonly uesd pointing device for personal computers.
Output Data that has been processed into a useful format.
Plug-and-Play The ability of a computer system to configure expansion boards and other devices automatically.
Pointing Device Input device that allows you to position the pointer on the screen.
Port An interface to which a peripheral device attaches to or communicates with the system unit.
Printer Used to produce a paper or hard copy of the processing results.
Scanner Device that can change images into codes for input into the computer.
After data is processed it is "presented" to the user through an input device. False
A laser virtual keyboard is packaged in a case smaller than a soda can. True
You use the right button for most mouse operations. False
The higher the dpi, the higher the resolution or print quality. True
Speakers are a type of specialized input device. False
What type of keyboar is designed to provide users with a more natural, comfortable hand, twist, and arm positions? Ergonomic
Which type of mouse uses a laser to detect the mouse's movement? Optical
On a mouse, you use the wheel to ___? Scroll or Zoom
The ___ is a pointing device that works like amouse turned upside down. Trackball
Speech, sound effects , and music are examples of ___. Audio input
Which type of monitor produces an image by manipulating light within a layer of liquid crystal cells? LCD
Which of the following is used to produce a hard copy of the processing results? Printer
Printer speed is measured in ___. Pages Per Minute
Which type of printer produces images using the same technology as copier machines? Laser
A _____ is a video-capturing camera that is connected to a computer or computer network and displays images through the World Wide Web. Webcam
A stylus would be used to write on a(n) ___. PDA
Which would you use to view the temperature and humidity of a remote environment? Environmental sensor
A keyboard that can be operated with the feet is an example of a special input device for ____. The physically challenged
The feild of ____ is defined as the study, design, and use of robot systems for manufacturing. Robotics
Which of the following is NOT a special-purpose input port? PDA
To display a shortcut menu on the screen, Clarissa would click ____. The right mouse button
By using a USB hub, Clyde could connect up to ___ different peripherals with single connector. 127
When Clyde plugs a device in and the computer system configures it automatically, this is referred to as _____. Plug-and-Play
Fire wire External bus standard that supports data transfer rates of up to 400 mps and can connect up to 63 external devices.
Created by: Williams_Jade
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