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Act 1-25


Absolute existing independent of any other cause.
Accuracy freedom from mistake; exactness; the relationship between the gradation on a measuring device and the actual standard for the quantity being measured.
Adverse acting against or in an opposite direction
Analogous similar or comparable in certain respects
Analyze to study the relationship of the parts of something by analysis
Application ability to put to a practical use; having something to do with the matter at hand
Approximately nearly; an estimate or figure that is almost exact
Argument a reason for or against something
Assumption something accepted as true
Comprehend to understand fully
Concentration the ratio of the amount of solute to the amount of solvent or solution
Conclusion a final decision based on facts, experience, or reasoning
Confirm to make sure of the truth of something
Consequence something produced by a caused or condition
Consistent in agreement; firm; changeless
Constant remaining steady and unchanged
Contradiction a statement in opposition to another
Control group experimental group in which conditions are controlled
Controlled Experiment one in which the condition suspected to cause an effect is compared to one without the suspected condition
Controlled Variable a factor in an experiment that remains constant
Correlation a close connection between two ideas or sets of data
Criticism a finding of fault; disapproval
Definitive Most nearly complete or accurate
Demonstrate to explain by use of examples or experiments
Dependence a state of being controlled by something else
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