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EPF Exam Review 1

Multiple choicev1-26

Evan is a freshman in high school and has just began career planning. What should be his first step in the decision making process of career planning? Take an interest inventory test
Interest inventory tests help to identify.... Possible career areas related to one's interests
In order to make in informed career decision, a high school student will want to... Develop personal goals, complete an interest inventory and research careers
Having a career implies that a person... Has a commitment to a profession which requires continued education
An example of a tranferable skill is a skill that... Is used in your job that you acquired through past jobs, volunteering, hobbies, sports, etc.
Lora is a high school Computer and technology teacher. She enrolls in a computer class at least twice a year to stay current on recent technology changes and updates. by continuing her education she is investing in her ... Human capital
Individuals with more formal educational training usually have... Higher estimated lifetime earnings.
Traits of a successful worker include... Communication skills, teamwork, and initiative
Stephen is considering taking a job with a company that is offering gym memberships, flexible hours, and repayment of education loans, merchandise discounts, and childcare. these components of the job offer are called... Fringe benefits
Costs of living expenses include... Food
Carter wants to participate in an activity that will improve his well being. which of the following would contribute most to his well being? An activity that makes him lose trach of time
Jenna wants to improve her financial well being. Which of the following activities will contribute the most to her financial well being? Take a personal finance class
Atlas is wanting to begin financial planning. what should his first step be? Identify what makes him happy
Megan has shopped at several stores when she finds the prom dress of her dreamland purchased it. she used the money she had saved for the dress as well as money she had been saving to fix her car. Now her car doesn't run. Megan mad a ..... Trade off
Ian is car shopping. he wants a car with a good sound system and that is low on milage. He has set several price guidelines. he is now analyzing the opportunity cost of of a trade off on which care to purchase. what is the opportunity cost? Sound system or mileage
All depository institutions keep money safe at all times by a number of security measures. True or false? True
Ariel is wanting to open a depository institution account to save her money before she goes to college. Which type of account would be the best? Find a depository institution that has a high interest rate so she will make money on her savings while she waits.
Samantha ha a checking account but she wants a faster more direct way to have access to her funds. what should she do? Apply for a debit card.
Property taxes are assessed at the same rate for all types of property, personal or busiess. True or false? False
Whoch of the following Best describes a benefit of having insurance? Insurance combined with emergency funds supply a sense of financial security
Maggie has to pay one hundred an pd twenty dollars a month on her medical bills before her insure will pay any what is this called? A premium
Jade received his first medical bill of the yea. it was valued at one thousand dollars. he has a five hundred dollar deductible and a twenty percent o insurance. How much of the bill will he be responsible for? 600
Which of the following situations best shows an example of what automobile liability insurance will cover? James backed into a car in the parking lot causing three thousand dollars in damages to the other vehichle
Eric chose Amanda to be the beneficiary on his life insurance policy. What does this mean for Amanda? She will recive the amount of life insurance Eric has if he dies.
What is the difference between property and liability insurance? Property insurance pays for loss of insured person where as the liability compensates for other losses- those effected
When you rent an apartment who buys the insurance? The renter
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