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Irish / Gaeilge

Irish language word bank

tosú beginning, commencement, star
Dáil Éireann, aka Dáil Assembly of Ireland, Irish Parliament
Seanad Éireann Senate of Ireland
Teachta Dála, aka TD Delegate of the Dáil
Taoiseach Irish Prime Minister
Tánaiste Deputy Prime Minister
An Garda Síochána, aka Gardaí The Guard of the Peace
Údarás na Gaeltachta Gaeltacht authority
Bord na Gaeilge The Irish Language Board
Raidió na Gaeltachta radio service for Irish speaking regions
An Caighdeán Oifigiúl The Official Standard
vóta vote
fear man
fearr better
geal bright
geall promise
gan without
gann scarce
solas light
sólás consolation
feoil meat
buíoch grateful
feiceáil seeing
I, me
sin that
te hot
cas turn
bog soft
tugann gives
luí lying
Laoi Lee
lae of a day
lón lunch
County Louth
líne line
léine shirt
leá melting
leon lion
liú a shout
díol selling
béal mouth
fál hedge
ól drinking
cúl back
síl think
béil of a mouth
fáil getting
óil of drinking
súil eye
fíon wine
Aoife a woman's name
croí heart
seo this
deoch drink
ceol music
píosa ceol piece of music
ciúin quiet
fágáil leaving
bia food
iad them
iasc fish
rua reddish (of hair mostly)
fuar cold
suas up
riail rule
uair hour
fuair got
fuaim sound
saor free, cheap
ar saoire on vacation
ceist question
bean woman
baile town
cuid part
muid we
duine person
scoil school
mion tiny
eolas information
Iúil July
ionad location
ionat in you
iontas wonder
iontach wonderful
uisce water
uile all
oifig office
dúnta closed
Seán John
Muiris Maurice
Síle Shiela
rás a race
sórt kind (of)
réidh ready
bóthar a road
rince dance
Máire Mary
cuir put
mo phóca my pocket
thug gave
máthair mother
loch lake
oíche night
mo bhus my bus
mo mhac my son
caitheamh spending, to spend
déanamh doing, to do
seasamh standing, to stand
talabh land
snámh swimming, to swim
láhm hand
ábhar subject
tábhacht importance
lámha hands, pl.
fómhar autumn
ríombaire computer
leabhar book
ramhar fat
samhradh summer
bhí was
sibh you, pl.
Gaillimh Galway
cuimhin, is cuibhin liom I remember
geimhreadh winter
mo ghúna my dress
sa ghairdín in the garden
aghaidh face
laghad smallness
laghdú reducing, to reduce
foghlaim learning, to learn
rogha choice
roghnú choosing, to choose
mo gheansaí my pullover
do gheata your gate
staighre stairs
saighead arrow
dhá dhoras two doors
do dheoch your drink
meidhreach merry
veidhlín violin
Tadgh a man's name
fadhb problem
adhmad timber
radharc sight, view
seolagh address
pósadh marrying
bhíodh used to be
bheadh would be
rachadh would go
théadh used to go
pósadh was married
seoladh was transmitted
rinneadh was done
léadh was read
téigh go
shuigh sat
beidh will be
amuigh outside
istigh inside
ceannaigh buy
cheannaigh bought
rachaidh will go
leathanach page, sheet
cheannaigh sí she bought
múinteoir teacher
cailín girl
coláiste college
leathanaigh pages, sheets
tobac tobacco
amach out(wards)
isteach in(wards)
anuas from above
amárach tomorrow
inniu today
cupán cup
ard high
barr top
carr car
bord table
ball member
clann children
im butter
fill return
mall slow
moill delay, slowness
poll hole
poill holes
písa ime piece of butter
geallúint promising
gorm blue
borb rude
balbh dumb
garbh rough
bolg stomach
ainm name
airgead money
cóta coat
cótai coats
mo chóta my coat
séimhiú softening
ár gcótaí our coats
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