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Chapter 5 Study Gui

Chapter 5 Study Guide Biology Crisp

What is not a factor in population growth rate? demography
One of the main characteristics of a population is its geographic distribution
there are 150 saguaro cactus plants per square kilometer in a certain area of the Arizona desert. To which population characteristic does this information refer? population density
what does the range of a population tell you that density does not? the areas inhabited by a population
what tells you population density? the number of bacteria per square millimeter
the movement of organisms into a given area from another area is called immigration
when organisms move out of the population, this is known as emigration
What must occur in a population for it to grow? the birthrate becomes higher than the death rate
what is happening in a population as it decreases? the death rate becomes higher than birthrate
if immigration and emigration numbers remain equal, which is the most important contributing factor to a slowed growth rate? decreased birthrate
which are two ways a population can decrease in size? decreased birthrate and emigration
when individuals in a population reproduce at constant rate, it is called exponential growth
the various growth phases through which most populations go are represented on a(an) logistic growth curve
as resources in a population become less available,the population reaches carrying capacity
what factor might NOT contribute to an exponential growth rate in a given population reduced resources
in a logistic growth curve, exponential growth is the phase in which the population grows quickly
a biotic or abiotic resource in the environment that causes population size to decrease is a growth factor
what is not a limiting factor? immigration
what is not likely to be a limiting factor on the sea otter population? drought
what will reduce competition within a species' population? fewer individuals
if a population grows larger than the carrying capacity of the environment, the death rate may rise
water lilies do not grow in desert sand because water availability to these plants in a desert is a limiting factor
a limiting nutrient is to ecosystem productivity as a limiting factor is to population growth rate
each of the following is a density-dependent limiting factor except (competition,seasonal cycles,crowding,disease) seasonal cycles
which would be least likely to be affected by a density-dependent limiting factor? a small, scattered population
what is a density-independent limiting factor? earthquake
what density-dependent factor other than the predator/prey relationship affected the populations of moose and wolves on Isle Royale? food availability for the moose and disease for the wolf
a disease resulting in the deaths of one third of a dense population of bats in a cave would be density-deendent limiting factor
what would not be a limiting factor related to population density? the eruption of a volcano
demography is the scientific study of human population
demographic transition is change from high birthrates and high death rates to a low birthrate and a low death rate
about 500 years ago, the world's population started growing more rapidly
demographic transition begins with changes in society that lower death rate
the human population experienced exponential growth after the industrial revolution began
which country has not yet completed the demographic transition? great Britain
the anticipated human population by the year 2050 is about 9 billion
In Rwanda, there are more young children than teenagers, and more teenagers than adults. This age structure indicates a population will double in 30 years
in countries like India, the human population is growing exponentially
Most of the world wide human population is growing exponentially because most countries have not yet completed the demographic transition
how can a diagram of a population's age structure predict how it can grow? (it shows how many people are a reproductive ages,it shows how many people will probobly die within a few years,it shows how many people are entering the population by birth,all of the above)
Asian elephants are found in India ,Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos; this information describes the ______________ of the asian elephant population geographic distribution
when an individual moves into one population from a different population, it is called immigration
under ideal conditions with unlimited resources, a population will grow exponentially
a population of bacteria with a limited supply of nutrients will eventually show growth typical of the ________ model logistic
if an entire wolf population dies, the moose population on which it preys will grow to the environment's carrying capacity
competition, predation,parasitism, and_________ are density-dependent limiting factors. disease
the rise and fall cycle of a predator-prey relationship is a density-____________ relationship dependent
what are 4 main characteristics of a population? geographic distribution,density,growth rate,age structure
why must wild life biologists consider immigration and emigration when studying certain animals? animals leave the area in which they were born in search of mates,food,new territories and other animals arrive from outside a population for the same reasons
compare and contrast the graph of exponential growth to the graph of logistic growth. the pattern of exponential growth is a j shaped curve the pattern of logistic growth is an s shaped curve
what are some factors that keep a population from growing further once it reaches the carrying capacity of its environment? at the carrying capacity, competition for resources, predation, parasitism, disease, and other density-dependent factors keep the population from growing further.
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