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Roots Final

Aqua/Aqu Water
Hydr Water
Bio Life
Chrom Color
Corp Body
Ego Self
Ge/Geo Earth
Aud/Audit Hear
Dorm Sleep
Fleet/Flex Bend
Labor Work
Pater/Patri Father
Vis See
Script Write
Arch First
Auto Self
Belli War
Cent Hundred
Mater/Matri Mother
Cred To believe
Demos People
Gam Marriage
Leg Law
Mal Bad
Mar Sea
Mort To die
Nav Ship
Hex Six
Penta Five
Mono One
Omni All
Bi Two
Quadr Four
Tri Three
Chron Time
Cosm Universe/World
Civ Citizens
Pod/Ped (Latin) Foot
Ped (Greek) Child
Via Way
Urb City
Zo Animal
Equ Horse
Ambi Both
Ante Before
Anti Against
Anthrop Mankind
Bene Good
Derm Skin
Cogn Know
Am/Amor Love/Liking
Anni/Annu/Enni Year
Bibl Book
Capit/Capt Head
Carn Flesh
Cide Kill
Civ Citizen
Crat Rule/Strength
Cura Care
Cycl Wheel/Circular
Deca Ten
Dent/Dont Tooth
Dic/Dict Say/Speak
Domin Masters
Flu/Fluc/Fluu Flowing
Fort Strong
Fract/Fras Break
Fum Smoke
Gastro Stomach
Gen Birth/Race
Graph Write
Helio Sun
Hema/Hemo Blood
Homo Same
Hypn Sleep
Ject Throw
Jud/Judi/Judic Judge/Lawyer
Juven Young
Lith Stone
Loc/Loco Place
Magn Great
Man Hand
Mania Madness
Medi Half/Middle/Between
Mega Great
Meter Measure
Micro Small
Migra Wander
Morph Form
Multi Many/Much
Nov New
Ortho Straight/Correct
Pan All
Phil Love
Phobia Fear
Phon Sound
Poli City
Port Carry
Psych Mind/Soul
Scope See/Watch
Created by: Rampage