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The Crucible Final

What conclusion can you reach about Parris’s character at the end of Act III He is a wretched, cowardly person
Why do people “part the seas” for Abigail They fear her power to accuse them
Why is Sarah Goode accused of witchcraft She could not recite the Ten Commandments
Why does Tituba confess to meeting with the devil She thinks it will save her life.
Why are cows wandering the roads of Salem Many farmers have been jailed and cannot take care of their farms
How can Giles Corey best be described courageous
What does John Proctor mean when he says, “My wife will never die for me” He knows his adultery has caused Elizabeth to be arrested
Why does Abigail tell Danforth, “Think you be so mighty that the power of Hell may not turn your wits Beware of it!”
When does Hale begin to seriously doubt the morality and motivations of the court When he signs Rebecca Nurse’s arrest warrant.
Why is it important to Danforth and Parris that Proctor confess His confession will convince people the court has been just.
Why does Abigail first go into the forest To get rid of Goody Proctor.
Why does Elizabeth urge John to go into Salem in Act II To tell the court that Abigail’s story is a hoax.
What does Reverend Hale begin to worry about by the end of Act II Perhaps innocent people are being accused.
What can readers infer about their reasons when Abigail and Mercy leave Salem They are afraid the villagers will turn on them.
How can Thomas Putnam’s attitude toward Reverend Parris be described Contemptuous (condescending)
Why did Abigail stick a needle into her stomach So she could accuse Elizabeth Proctor of witchcraft.
What can readers infer from the references made to Andover The people have rebelled and overthrown the court.
How can Thomas Putnam best be described Vindictive
Why did Elizabeth Proctor not tell Danforth that Abigail was a harlot She wanted to save John’s reputation.
What is the climax of Act IV When Proctor rips up his confession.
What is Parris’s real reason for wanting Proctor saved He is concerned for his own safety.
In Act III the details of the setting create what kind of mood Gloomy and forbidding.
Why does Danforth refuse to postpone the hangings It might look as if he has wrongly executed innocent people.
Why did Rebecca Nurse advise Parris to send Reverend Hale away She knew his presence would only cause more hysteria in Salem.
Why is Giles Corey arrested He refuses to name the person who accused Putnam of grabbing land.
Why does Elizabeth say of John, “He have his goodness now” He has his self-respect and knows there is some goodness in him.
Why is Francis Nurse terrified when Danforth insists on questioning the people who signed his petition He has promised no harm would come to them.
Why is Parris reluctant to tell anyone that Betty may be bewitched He fears that his enemies will use the information to destroy his reputation.
Why does Hale denounce the proceedings of the court He believes the testimony of Mary Warren and John Proctor is the truth.
What did the citizens of Salem think about dancing It is evil and sinful.
Why will Sarah Goode not hang She confessed.
Why does Mary Warren enjoy her role in court at first She likes the power and status it gives her in the village.
With what is Reverend Parris most concerned His reputation.
Why does Mary Warren say she cannot tell the truth in court She is afraid that Abigail will kill her.
Why is there tension between Elizabeth and John Proctor John has had an adulterous affair.
How do most of the villagers view Rebecca Nurse with honor and respect
When Judge Hathorne questions Martha Corey at the beginning of Act III, what can the audience infer about the court The court assumes that anyone accused of witchcraft is guilty.
In Act III why does Hathorne want to arrest Giles Corey and Francis Nurse He believes they are challenging his authority.
Francis Nurse tells the judges that the girls are frauds. Hathorne’s response is, “This is contempt, sir, contempt!” What is this an example of Dramatic irony
What is Proctor’s main purpose in bringing Mary Warren to court To save his wife from condemnation.
During the presentation of evidence, Proctor’s behavior toward Danforth can best be described as what respectful
Which character represents the tactic of making personal attacks on the integrity of witnesses Parris
As the action proceeds in Act III, why does the allusion to the story of Raphael and Tobias become ironic The developments contradict the message of the story.
Why is Paris’s charge of conspiracy effective It appeals to Danforth’s fears of subversion.
What motivates Hale’s attempt to intervene on behalf of Proctor Hale’s commitment to the truth.
What development causes Mary Warren to recant her confession and rejoin Abigail and the other girls Abigail’s pretending to be attacked by Mary’s spirit.
What are the consequences of Mary’s going back to the side of the girls Proctor is arrested.
What does Proctor mean when he tells Danforth, “God damns our kind especially, and we will burn, we will burn together” We who commit wrongs knowingly are the most guilty of all.
Be able to divide the characters into one of the following categories: accuser, accused, court official.
What deal does Danforth try to make with John Proctor in Act III If he will drop the charges, Hathorne will not hang Elizabeth for one year.
Who begins to have doubts about the rightness of the witch trials in Act III Rev. Hale
Who is the richest man in the village who can afford to buy the land forfeited by George Jacobs if Jacobs hangs as a witch Putnam
What does Judge Hathorne ask Mary Warren to do in court that she cannot do Pretend to faint.
What does Abigail Williams do as soon as Danforth begins to question her Threatens Danforth.
What secret does John Proctor reveal to prove the girls are lying He says that Abigail is seeking vengeance.
What does John tell the court about his wife That she will not lie.
How do the girls in the room terrorize Mary Warren They repeat everything she says.
Who is taken to jail at the end of Act III Giles Corey and John Proctor.
Why does Deputy Governor Danforth initially write off Giles Corey Because of his age.
How does Danforth suspect Proctor views the court With contempt.
Why does Danforth dismiss Giles’ deposition Giles will not reveal the name of his source.
What is the climax of Act III Mary Warren renounces her deposition.
What is Hale disgusted with at the end of Act III The court proceedings.
In addition to Danforth, who else has signed a great many death warrants Hale.
What does Giles believe is Putnam’s motivation for accusing people of witchcraft greed
What does Abigail succeed in doing in Act III Winning Mary Warren back to her side.
Why does Mary seem to change her mind about telling the truth in Act III She is scared of Abigail and the others
What do Abigail and the other girls claim to see in Act III A yellow bird.
Why doesn’t Danforth want to find out the girls’ accusations are false He believes he will be blamed for innocent people’s deaths
What is Elizabeth’s motivation for lying about John’s affair with Abigail She loves John and wants to protect him
Where did the Puritans first settle New England
What are the precepts of Calvinist doctrine Predestination, original sin, literal interpretation of the Bible
What were the Puritans looking for in America Religious freedom in America, they believed that God chose those who were to be saved at the time they were born, they were required to adhere to a strict code of morality and behavior
What did the Puritans value Education, hard work, regular church attendance
Why is Parris angry with Abigail at the opening of the play Her dismissal from the Proctor household has created gossip in the congregation and created an awkward situation for him.
When his daughter goes into an apparent trance, Parris refuses to believe that she has been bewitched. Why He believes his congregation will drive him out of Salem if there is witchcraft in his house.
What concern does Rebecca Nurse express when she learns that Reverend Hale has been summoned That there is danger in the “search for loose spirits”
What does Tituba do when questioned by Reverend Hale Threatens Parris
Before her arrest, what does Elizabeth believe about her husband and Abigail He still desires her
When Proctor tries to present his deposition to Danforth, what does Parris accuse him of Attempting to overthrow the court
During what century did the Salem witch trials take place 17th
What is the history between the Putnams and the Nurses They represent different factions within the village
What does Mrs. Putnam confess to Hale She sent Ruth to Tituba to conjure the spirits of her dead babies.
Why does John Proctor know the girls are frauds Abigail told him.
As she sat in court, what did Mary Warren make for Elizabeth A poppet
Whose arrest “proves” that the town has gone completely mad Rebecca Nurse
When John Proctor said “Vengeance is walking Salem,” what did he mean The accusations were the result of a desire for revenge.
According to Giles Corey, what is Thomas Putnam doing Reaching out for land.
After Danforth tells Proctor that Elizabeth is expecting a child and has at least a year to live, why does Proctor still insist on presenting his evidence He is trying to save the lives of Rebecca Nurse and Martha Corey; he feels the court proceedings should be stopped altogether.
What does Elizabeth do when she is brought to see John in jail Tries to convince him to sign a confession to save his life.
Who wrote The Crucible Arthur Miller.
Who leads the girls in the forest with her knowledge of witchcraft Tituba
Who did Abigail drink a blood charm for John Proctor
What is the significance of the golden candlesticks They show how materialistic Rev. Parris is.
Why did Elizabeth fire Abigail Williams from her service Abigail was having an affair with Elizabeth’s husband.
Why did Giles Corey refuse to admit involvement with witchcraft To insure his sons would inherit his farm, it wasn’t true, and he refused to support the hysteria that had taken his wife as well.
What were Giles Corey’s last words More weight.
What did John Proctor tear up His confession.
On what in America’s history was the play based The McCarthy Trials.
How old is Mary Warren 18
Why is Mr. Proctor suspected by Mr. Hale He hasn't been attending church regularly. His third child has not been baptized.
What did Reverend Parris preach for 20 weeks to get Golden candlesticks.
Why does John Proctor dislike Reverend Parris He preached for golden candlesticks. John doesn't see the light of God in Rev. Parris. Rev. Parris wanted the deed to his house and more money.
What type of animal did Elizabeth Proctor catch and cook rabbit
What does John Proctor say at the end of Act III to show that God is not present in the court proceedings "God is dead."
Elizabeth lies in court and says that John is not a lecher. What is this an example of irony
How does Hale react to Danforth’s condemning of John Proctor He quits the court.
How many people signed a petition stating that Rebecca Nurse, Giles Corey, and Elizabeth Proctor are all good God fearing Christians 91
How can those accused of witchcraft save themselves from hanging Confess to working for the devil and name the names of others who work for the devil.
What does Hale advise Proctor to do before stating his case to the court Get a lawyer.
Abigail tries to work her plan to have John all to herself. Why is the ending ironic John Proctor is condemned and hanged but Elizabeth lives because she is pregnant.
What happens to Abigail in the end She steals all her uncle’s money and runs away.
Why did Giles Corey prefer being pressed to death to hanging If he hanged, all of his land would go up for auction. If he is pressed to death, his family gets to keep its land.
Who is the protagonist in the play John Proctor
Who is the antagonist in the play Abigail Williams
Why doesn’t Elizabeth feel she should try to change her husband’s mind She would rather he die with peace than live a life regretting the lie he told.
What is the best definition of the word crucible as it applies to the play A severe test or trial.
In the Overture how is Salem described A place inhabited by fanatics, few dark houses, a location that ships out products of increasing value.
What does Abigail believe about her dismissal from the Proctors’ service John Proctor did not fire her, but Elizabeth Proctor did.
What is Ann Putnam’s greatest grief Seven of her children died in infancy.
What is the setting of the play Salem, Massachusetts, 1692
What did Tituba do in the forest Sang songs about Barbados.
What does John Proctor predict will happen to Abigail before she is twenty She will be put in the stocks.
In the Overture of Act I, how does Miller say Salem was run theocracy
According to Miller, what was the reason the Massachusetts Colony survived A tightly controlled communal society
By what were the Salem witch trials motivated Lust for neighbors’ land, religious superstition, jealously and meanness
At the beginning of the play when his daughter is ill, about what is Parris most concerned His own reputation
Why is Betty most likely in the trancelike state She fears punishment for being caught dancing in the woods
What is Abigail motivated by when she threatens Betty in Act I fear of the villagers knowing everything they did in the woods
Why does Abigail accuse Goody Good and Goody Osburn of witchcraft She knows she can persuade Mrs. Putnam and not be punished.
Why does Giles Corey say something about his wife’s reading of books He wants to ask about something he thinks is important.
In Act I how does Parris’s belief in the supernatural affect his response to his daughter’s illness He looks for help from Reverend Hale.
What can be inferred from Act I about the attitude of the Puritans toward their slaves They saw their slaves as being only a step away from paganism.
What is Thomas Putnam’s attitude toward Parris contempt
How does Mrs. Putnam justify sending Ruth to Tituba Mrs. Putnam feels she deserves to know why she has had to endure the deaths of seven children.
What do Mrs. Putnam’s comments suggest about her primary motivation in hunting for witches Anger at having lost her children
From Act I what can be inferred that the Puritans associated with the forest Disorder and evil
Considering Tituba’s state of mind when she began naming names, what can you infer about her motivation She was afraid of Rev. Hale and thought naming names would save her from punishment.
What does Mary Warren do in Act II Claims she is an official of the court trying witches
When he comes in from planting, what suggestion does John Proctor make to his wife concerning the house Bring in some flowers
What is Elizabeth afraid of concerning her husband in Act II That he is still interested in Abigail
What reason does John Proctor give Hale for his absence from church He does not think Rev. Parris is godly.
Why does Hale come to the Proctors’ house To ask the Proctors some questions.
What is Hale’s advice to the Proctors as he prepares to leave their house He tells them to go to church and baptize their youngest child.
What is unusual about the doll that Mary Warren makes for Elizabeth It has a needle stuck in its stomach.
Who is Ezekiel Cheever The clerk of the court.
As Elizabeth is led away to jail, what does John demand of Mary Warren That she tell the court that Abigail is lying.
In Act II what information does Elizabeth report to John The court has accused fourteen people of witchcraft, the crowd parts for Abigail like the sea for the Israelites, Mary Warren describes Abigail as though Abigail were a saint.
Why does Proctor say he is reluctant to go to Salem and tell what Abigail said to him He thinks that it will be difficult to prove that Abigail is lying.
What is the strongest evidence against Goody Osburn She cannot say the Ten Commandments.
How does Hale test the Proctors He questions them about the Ten Commandments, their church attendance, and their belief in witchcraft.
Who is the leader of the accusers in court Abigail Williams
What does Proctor say when Hale questions him about not going to church He does not like the Rev. Parris
What is the most probable cause of the accusation of witchcraft Desire for vengeance and power
Why is Marshal Herrick shamefaced when he appears at the Proctors’ house in Act II He has come to take away Elizabeth to jail.
What is Mary Warren’s motivation for joining the girls in their accusations of witchcraft in the first place She is a lonely girl who craves friends and attention.
Why does Elizabeth believe Abigail accuses her of witchcraft So she can have John once Elizabeth is executed.
What is the setting of Act IV The Salem jail the autumn after the trial
Why does Parris hope that Rebecca Nurse and John Proctor will confess Their confessions will confirm the justice of all the trials and executions
What idea about the law is conveyed by Danforth’s determination to proceed with the executions immediately in Act IV Injustice may be committed in the name of the law.
Why does Danforth treat Parris with contempt in Act IV He sees that Parris is motivated by fear for his own safety and reputation.
What is ironic about calling the confessions of witchcraft “coming to God” The confessions are lies and therefore sins against God.
What lesson does Elizabeth Proctor learn during her three months’ imprisonment That one should not judge human frailty too harshly.
In Act IV why does Hale want Proctor to confess to witchcraft To save Proctor from execution.
When Proctor refuses to condemn others to save himself, his behavior contrasts most strongly with what other character’s behavior Parris
What is the climax of Act IV Proctor refuses to sign the confession and rips it up.
What theme is reflected by Proctor’s decision to tear up his confession Personal honor determines the worth of one’s self.
What theme is represented by Danforth’s behavior Those in power tend to act in the interest of preserving power.
What idea about the play is applicable to today Fear and suspicion can lead to perversions of justice.
At the opening of Act IV what does Ezekiel Cheever reveal There is much confusion and disagreement in the town.
What news does Reverend Parris give the court in Act IV Mercy Lewis and Abigail Williams have stolen Parris’s money and disappeared.
Which two men urge Danforth to postpone the witch trials because a rebellion in the town seems possible John Hale and Reverend Parris.
How does Giles Corey die He is pressed to death.
What reason does John give Elizabeth for not having confessed to being a witch He does not want to confess a lie to contemptible people.
What does Elizabeth blame herself for John’s affair with Abigail.
Elizabeth tells John that she “kept a cold house.” What does “keeping a cold house” mean She was not a loving or proper wife.
What does John want from Elizabeth in Act IV Her approval for confession to witchcraft.
In Act IV what is the one thing John cannot do Allow his lie to be made public.
What does John admit to in his confession Seeing the Devil.
What reason does Herrick give for drinking It keeps him warm.
In Act IV what is Parris worried about The trials’ causing a riot, being killed, being accused of witchcraft.
What does the final scene between John and Elizabeth reveal about them and their relationship They are reconciled.
What does Hale’s description of the desolate countryside around Salem symbolize The spiritual decay of the community.
For what does Elizabeth ask John to forgive her Being suspicious and keeping a “cold house.”
What does Hale do in Act IV He begs the accused to save their lives.
With whom / what is Proctor’s main struggle in Act IV His own conscience.
When John goes to the gallows and Elizabeth says that her husband has his “goodness” now, what does she mean By tearing up his confession, he feels he has regained his honor.
Why does Elizabeth refuse to influence John’s decision about whether to confess She feels he must face his own conscience and make his own decision.
What is John’s motivation to tear up his confession He wants to be courageous like Rebecca Nurse and Martha Corey.
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