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37_ C & Morgan

Chapter 37

On-the-job training can help a person decide not to enter a particular career field. True
A diadvantage of using the Occupational Outlook Handbook is that it is only published every five years. False
In setting goals, one should begin by setting short-term goals because these are the ones that will be accomplished most quickly. False
In the US today about 33 million Americans earn a living in marketing careers. True
When a person is assessing career choices, he or she must carefully consider the salary a particular career offers. True
Mitchell is a young, newly hired professional. Where he works, how he gets to and from work, and how he relates to his co-workers and to his family are all elements of Mitchell's what? life-style
The Directory of Occupational Titles has been replaced by what? ONet
Whatever your career choice may be, according to the text what is always necessary to have in place? plan of action
It is May 1. Mariah has decided to get a part-time summer job in a veterinarian's office to learn more about veterinary medicine. What is her decision an example of? short-range goal
What reference can be used to learn detailed information about what workers do on their job? Occupational Outlook Handbook
The compatibility of a particular career with other aspects of a person's life-style is known as a life-style ____. fit
A(n) _____ specialist must show leadership ability and make many decisions on a daily basis. marketing
Working in the restaurant industry has always been a goal for Katie. Her decision to start as a hostess and work her way to being a server is a(n) ____ goal. specific
One's relationships with other people in the workplace, at home, or in social settings are described as ____ relationships. interpersonal
People at the top level of marketing who are highly skilled are referred to as ____. CEO's managers
According to the textbook, the items and activities on which a person spends time and money are good indicators of that person's interests and ____. values
Recently, Javier completed an interest ____ in which he studied a long list of activities and then recorded his level of interest in each activity. survey
One's potential, or knack, for learning and mastering a skill is known as a(n) ____. aptitude
Personality characteristics such as shyness, aggressiveness, and confidence are also called personality ____. traits
Describes something that is based on facts or on conditions that actually exist. Realistic
Steps to get you from here and now to where you want to be. Planning goals
Category of jobs that involves similar interests and skills. Occupational area
Work experience in various career aspects, with or without pay. Internship
Describes a person who focuses on achieving a particular result. Goal-oriented
Availbility of job opportunities. Career outlook
No prior experience, limited decision making. Entry level jobs
Higher level of skills more decision making. Career sustaining Jobs
The things, ideas, or principles that a person feels are important. Values
Stated in exact terms with some details. Specific goals.
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